KY Is Medicinal. It Cures FRICTION.

That? That is my favorite quote from Saturday night as we played Scattergories. Other highlights of the night were:

“Oxford is nowhere near London. I don’t know whether I’m more upset that she said it or that SHE got the clue.” (Taboo)

“If you get points of Ethiopian food, they get points for Ewoks because NEITHER OF THEM EXIST.” (Scattergories)

It was a good weekend, except for the part I cried Friday night because I was a hormonal emotional mess and my boyfriend was in NC for his MANLY MAN weekend. I know, I know. I was “WTF”ing myself too.

Saturday was a wash. While my loves enjoyed the sunshine at the Kite Festival, I was inside studying.  And working out. I worked out TWICE in one day.  Crazy, eh? Well, that’s what happens when you get the motivation that I got from the amazing superstars of In It to Gym It. What? You don’t know us? You better get to know us because we are awesome.

Saturday night, however, was awesome because I spent it playing Taboo and Scattergories with some awesome people at a birthday celebration from one of my favorite ladies EVER. She’s awesomesauce.

Today? Even though I’m in an incredible amount of pain (THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE), I am in a great mood because it is my BIRTHDAY WEEK! You betta recognize! Also, if you’re in the DC area, I’m open to offers for lunches all week.  This is the first year I am SUPER EXCITED about my birthday…because, well, my life is SUPER EXCITING.

Also, this is my current mood at the moment:

How was YOUR weekend?

What’s your favorite board game?

Are you awesomesauce?

13 thoughts on “KY Is Medicinal. It Cures FRICTION.

  1. How was YOUR weekend? good…and I’m sore to prove it..hehehehehe but NOT in that way you perv!!!!!

    What’s your favorite board game?I have none, but if I HAD to choose….SceneIt

    Are you awesomesauce? AND THEN SOME!!!!!


  2. My weekend was fandangtastic, too! *does the Happy Dance*

    Happy Birthday Week Sweets!


  3. I was in New York this weekend, so it was fantastic, of course. Also, I’m a big fan of SceneIt *and* Trivial Pursuit.

    Happy birthday week! Live it up, lady.
    .-= Liebchen´s last blog ..Now who do I root for? =-.


    1. Ohhhhh, I am dying to go to NY. Hopefully I’ll be there sometime in June!


  4. OMG! I thought I invented awesomesauce. On a really long bus trip with my friend once we wrote about the epic adventures of awesomesauce. Oh well, nice to see someone else using it. Love your blog:D


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