Kristen Bell, Please Be My Best Friend

I’m not one of those people who follows celebrity lives. I have a few celebrities whose work I enjoy, who I have girl crushes on and the guys who make me drool.

But then there’s Kristen Bell. I have to be honest, I was kind of annoyed with her in Heroes but she won me over in Veronica Mars. She’s also kind of awesome in House of Lies.

If I had the chance to be friends with any celebrity, it’d be her.

Then I saw this incredibly endearing video and I’m putting out the call to the Universe.

Kristen Bell, please be my best friend. I have a Penguin Posse. We’ll love you forever and ever.

4 thoughts on “Kristen Bell, Please Be My Best Friend

  1. You know?  She totally bothered me on Heroes, too, but my sister loved her and excitedly repeated “it’s Veronica Mars!” to my complete bewilderment.  And then I watched Veronica Mars and totally fell in love.  She’s the reason why I started watching Gossip Girl.  She’s just so cute!


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