Just Keep Walking

One of the reasons I love living in the city is that I can walk everywhere. Of course, it requires that the weather be under 100 degrees but recently, the fall in DC has been my best friend.  Monday morning, I left my house and walked to Chinatown.  It took me about 20 minutes and running errands in the city has never felt like running errands. It gives me a chance to explore the city. Sometimes, when I’m not paying attention, I’ll take a wrong turn and walk an extra 3 blocks before getting to my destination. [Kind of like life.]

The wrong turns lead me to discover new destinations, new stops and snapshots of the city I wouldn’t have known were there if I hadn’t taken that wrong turn. [Go figure]

Every day, I wake up wondering when that feeling of dread is going to hit me.  The unrelenting doubt, the fears – when will they finally catch up with me and come crashing down?

And they never do.

My life has never been as stable and fulfilling as it is today. In this moment.

All because I kept walking.

Sure, there are moments here and there when things are still rough.  There are still issues hanging over my head [debt] and unfinished business before I can move on [school] but those are all things I’m working toward and they are not holding me back.

I was talking to the Boy the other day and as I was trying to make sense of all the good things, I came to one conclusion: Everything is going positively because I took charge by overcoming my insecurities. No matter what goes on around me, and what other people choose to see, all it matters is how I approach my life.

I keep walking and I approach it without regrets.

After all, if I can tell my dad that I’m living with the Boy and live…I can pretty much take on the world.

[Which is what I intend to do]


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