I turned my room inside out.

I searched between the couch cushions.

I looked in suitcases full of clothes.

I even looked in my car even though there was no way it’d be there.

Where’d I find those two gift cards & $7 in cash?

In the pocked of a hoodie, hanging from my door around midnight last night.

See, what had happened is that in the last month, I’ve lost two SmartTrip cards (Count them, TWO), one of them (the older one that I had reported lost to my work) appeared in the glove box of last week.  Then I lost it again…and found it Monday night in the pocket of pants that I had worn to work last week and put away with the SmartTrip in it. (D’oh.)

Then I lost two gift cards.  I can SEE them on my laptop in the living room. I can SEE myself getting up, grabbing all of my stuff and taking them up to my room.

I do NOT see myself putting those suckers in my pocket.

I thought I was losing my mind. Maybe I already have.

Considering I ‘lost’ my keys IN MY PURSE this morning.

Someone just lock me up right now and take away all shiny objects.

It is a miracle I find my way out of my bed every morning.

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27 thoughts on “It’s RIGHT THERE!

  1. hehehehehe

    I ‘lose’ shit all the time…..I think my house eats stuff, you want to honest!! LOL

    The best though, is when I’ll put on a pair of jeans that were washed to find $20 after a week of praying I make it to work on gas fumes….that’s the best!!!


      1. that’s what I meant….it was my poor attempt at sarcasm, sorry!! LOL


  2. My oldest daughter couldn’t find her butt with both hands. She once called me all flipped out because she couldn’t find her new phone. Wasn’t in her car, her apartment, her clothes, her friends car, nowhere. She wanted to know if she had left it at the house somewhere and could I look around. I asked her where she had it when she was here, blah, blah, blah.

    Ummmm, wait a second, are you calling from your old phone? ’cause the caller ID showed your name when you called. *crickets chirping* “OMFG I am SUCH an IDIOT!!!!”

    yeah, she was calling me from the phone she couldn’t find.


  3. This happens to me all the time about other things. But I have a really good memory for where stuff is, somehow. Why I walked into a room? Not so much…
    .-= shine´s last blog ..Wednesday Wipeouts =-.


    1. Ditto.

      I’ll just stand there and go “Why…” turn around, leave then remember.

      And repeat.


  4. My long-term memory is the stuff of legends. My short-term memory is miserable. Usually I just give in, sit down and stare into the middle distance until I can find any reason to justify why I walked into this room/where my earphones are/why I’m holding this box.


    1. Right?

      It’s scary. Really really scary. I can remember things vividly from when I was 6. Not so much from 6 minutes ago.


  5. Isn’t going to comment on this cuz you know waaaaaay to much about me.


  6. In my old apt, I had to park on the street. Almost every morning, I could never remember where I parked the night before. The most embarrassing time was when I was standing right in front of my car as I looked up & down the street for it. That is until I hit the alarm and well…yeah…
    .-= phampants´s last blog ..Freak. Out. NOW! =-.


    1. This is why I text my car location to at least 2 people when I go out…


  7. I constantly lose my keys in my purse. And then I have 30 seconds of panic as I decide I’m fucked and someone’s going to break into my car and house and I’ll never be able to drive again and getting a new car key is expensive –

    And then I find them.
    .-= J´s last blog ..No Matter How Old You Are =-.


    1. Right?

      I actually ran upstairs looking for my keys…granted, I remembered to take my two very overdue library books but still.

      I mean, really.


  8. I don’t tend to lose things. I tend to forget things, as in “grab the gift cards before heading to the mall,” then yelling shit loudly because I’m already on the highway and realize I left them behind. And I’m much too lazy to turn around.
    .-= MinD´s last blog ..Ripped from the Headlines: Vol. 4 =-.


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