It Was Time

Sometimes in life, it’s necessary to have a pen name.  Sometimes, it just makes things easier because all you’re doing is creating a name that is not so uncommon that it comes up on Google searches.

Sometimes, you just need that safety net.

And then, there comes a time when it gets too complicated.  You make friends, you sign up for conferences and your business cards and everything else has your pen name while your name tag at the conference has your real name.

Sometimes, it’s time to figure out the best way to consolidate the two because you still don’t want your real name EVERYWHERE on the web.

You have to start somewhere. So I have.

I’m not sure how I will go about consolidating the two LinkedIn profiles, or my bio on here.  I will figure it out.

I do know one thing.

The ‘PQ’ stays.

Welcome to the next stage in my life, where I finally take control.

Be patient with me as I figure it out.  Just stick to calling me “B.” or “PQ” online. Let’s keep it simple.

Though, I’ll be honest. Seeing MY name in a byline? Priceless.

If you’re around D.C. tonight, you should stop by 18th & U for a  Fundraiser for LGBTQ Youth (The Trevor Project). Details here. (Yeah, that’s my real name up there.)

13 thoughts on “It Was Time

  1. you are gonna call yourself Dork in a byline? maybe not so professional…hehehehehehehehehe


      1. pfffft

        I do what I want…lol

        so, then if Dork is your middle name, your first name must be ‘Major’ hehehehehehehehe


  2. As I try to hang on to some privacy and control, you’re unleashing yourself. I love it. The blogosphere is a crazy cyclic world.


    1. I fought it for a long time. 5 years to be exact.

      It’s just time.



      1. Kudos! I don’t think I would have made it 1 year! Censoring details hasn’t always been easy.


        1. Let’s just say I hid more of my life than I actually lived it for years.


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