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Thursday morning, before the shock even wore off, one of the first things I did was reach out on Twitter. When you feel like your entire world is crashing around you, what you need the most is to feel like you’re not alone. So I reached out. (Of course, I texted my boyfriend first.)

As I was packing my stuff and hailing down a cab, my phone was beeping. Within the first hour of reaching out, I had 3 people send me a private message with job information, contacts and emailing me to have lunch next week to talk about options.
Within the first half of the day, a friend had talked to her boss and gave me his contact information.

Within 24 hours, I had a successful phone interview, with a face-to-face scheduled for the 7th.

All because I announced my unemployment on Twitter. I reached out, and the people who have been there everyday networking with me were suddenly my lifelines.

In Washington, DC, I’ve always heard that it’s not what you know, but who you know.  That is very true.  Furthermore, with social media and networking tools making connections instant, it is also true in every city.

One of the job leads I received required fluency in Spanish.  This was a job I’d never apply to since I don’t speak Spanish but my contact told me that if I have the other requirements, that was fine. I should submit my resume.

While Social Media can be used frivolously, as can any other form of communication out there, it can also be used to your advantage.  It pays to network.  You just have to remember that it is a tw0-way street.  If you are using Twitter simply to announce to the world of your daily food intake, you won’t get very far.


Reach out to people who are of interest to you.  They may not reach out back the first or the tenth time but when it truly counts, your networking will pay off.

Mashable gives this tip on how to use Twitter for networking:

New User Advice: Think of Twitter as a cocktail party where you know a few attendees, but most are strangers. You wouldn’t stand in the corner and shout, “I’m very interesting!” You’d start with your existing friends, and gradually work the room through conversation. On the plus side, small talk is minimal at 140 characters.”

Do your research. Read articles on how twitter works (You can start with this one) and how you can use their tools to your advantage. Use the search function, follow hastags, create lists.

One of the lists that has been extremely helpful for me is my ‘dc-jobs’ list. I can sort through tweets quicker and instead of spending extra time scrolling through 5-6 different job lists, I have them all in one place.

I don’t have a new job yet but what I do have is a fantastic network of people continuing to grow everyday.

Just remember. It’s a two-way street.  Interact. Own Twitter and make it work for YOU.

What are your favorite Twitter tools?

How do you use Twitter on a daily basis?

Have you or someone you know found a job using Twitter?

Any other tips?

22 thoughts on “It Pays to Twitter

  1. Sometimes I find it amazing that things that didn’t exist just a few years ago can make such a huge difference to the way we live now. This is just one example of that, and hopefully everything works out and you score a new job. =)


  2. Good luck with the face to face interview! I guess you did pretty well on the phone interview, I remember you twittering about how nervous you were.


    1. I was pretty nervous…I don’t do phone well but the tips I got on Twitter definitely helped!


  3. Wow, that’s amazing! I need to utilize my twitter network in that way. I have a profile set up where I get info from professionals in the area I’m hoping to move to soon, and if you’re interested, Mashable has a job board with social media positions.

    Good luck on the next interview- my fingers are crossed for you!


    1. Ooh, good call on the Mashable job board!

      Thank you! Good luck to you as well.


  4. Good for you, and thanks for the tips! I’m moving to the DC area {gasp} tomorrow and will be on the hunt for a job. Best of luck to you.


  5. Okay so back in January I got an e-mail from some rando guy that reads my blog, offering up all of his connections to me and a solid recommendation because he thought I was great and all that. I was so surprised and then this week I got contacted by an amazing company that basically wants to interview me for my dream job. SO FREAKING COOL.

    And yay, congrats on the interview! Also, I’ve been doing this job hunting stuff for months now so if you want my advice on things, let me know! I’m happy to help revamp your resume and stuff if you want!


  6. Besides telling the whole world what I’m eating or doing, I use it for reviews. For example, I’m looking for a web host and I just tweeted it and I got replies! I want to buy a camera and I just tweet it and there you go, you get deals on Twitter! How amazing is that?

    And now reading about your experience of finding a job via Twitter, surely I’ll try it once I’m ready to work!



    1. I love it. When I had my phone interview, I asked for tips on Twitter and everyone jumped on board to help me out.

      It’s an amazing community for sure.


  7. GOOD for you! That’s awesome! I found my job(s) and met my boyfriend both because of Twitter 🙂


  8. “Have you or someone you know found a job using Twitter?”

    Ask me on August 9th…

    (And thanks, lady! You’re the bee’s knees!!!)


  9. I’m still not on Twitter, but this is by far the most convincing argument I’ve heard.

    And congrats on the interviews!


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