Introducing: Brutally Honest With J.Soul

My lovely readers, I’m very happy to introduce to you the first male writer of PQ Nation, a VERY close friend of mine and an entertainer by birth…J. Soul.

From his own bio: “Born in the small town of Nacogdoches, Texas and raised all over the country, J. Soul has worn many hats throughout his career. Singer, songwriter, club DJ, mobile DJ, MC, radio jock, and co-owner of his own mobile DJ business.”

I’m very glad to give J. a place to express his views beyond the limits of the Facebook status.  Having known him for years, I can honestly say that he’s a piece of work…but in the best way.  He isn’t afraid to push the envelope and like his disclaimer says…“As out of control and extreme as my views are, if you look deep down inside you will find much truth.”
He’s also an incredible DJ and you can find his online show schedule on his page.

I won’t waste much more of your time with introductions…Go ahead and head on over to J.Soul’s page and read his bio…his disclaimer and his first blog about Moon Bounces…

While you’re over there, go ahead and subscribe to his feed, will ya?

Let’s make my boy feel welcome!