I’m Weird Like That: Party of One

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So I’m kind of weird. I mean, duh. I’m also kind of a loner in the weirdest circumstances. As much as I love getting together with my friends and painting the town red (or, let’s be honest, having a slumber party with wine), I also love grabbing a drink on my own. I know that’s not so weird but I think I take it to a weird level.

I mean, how many people go out dancing by themselves just because they want to and are too impatient to make plans? I love to people watch so I’ll go to one of my favorite bars on a Saturday night, grab a drink, and watch the hilarious way people act (and dance). If I’m feeling the music, I’ll find a corner for myself and dance it out.

By myself.

For hours.

I literally dance like no one is watching – in public in a crowded bar.

I don’t get dolled up. I wear comfortable clothes and super comfortable shoes.

To 99% of the people in the club that even notice, I probably look ridiculous. Completely weird. Maybe a little sad. What they don’t realize is that I’m having the time of my life and I go home a sweaty mess with a smile on my face.

No shame.

S-seriously. That’s not too weird, right?

As long as I do actually spend time with my friends?

3 thoughts on “I’m Weird Like That: Party of One

  1. Sounds freakin’ awesome. I wanna do that! What are good dancing clubs/bars/saturday night escape places?


  2. In the words of Dane Cook, ”
    Women go there to dance. They get all ready in the mirror with their friends. They’re like, ‘I just need to go. I just need to dance. I’m serious, tonight — no guys. Screw guys. I just need to — I’ve had a rough week, and I just need to dance it out. I just want to stand in a circle around our pocketbooks and shoes and just — I just want to dance. Dance!’ You will never, ever hear a guy say to one of his buddies, ‘Mike — Mike, Mike, listen, buddy. Tonight, bro, I gotta dance, dude. Screw chicks tonight, bro — I gotta dance!” You rock, Berrak!


  3. I too, am a people watcher. I love wondering where they’re going, where they’ve come from, what their lives are like, why can’t they park properly, why do they talk like that…too numerous to mention!! I don’t go to bars/clubs, but when I used to, I would wonder, who’s watching me?


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