I’m Over You

You, cold weather, with your germ-carrying sniffle-causing winds. Yes, you. I’m over you. Go away.

You, prostitot. You haven’t even hit puberty yet. Tuck your shirt back into your diapers and wear a skirt that fits you so your baby-vag isn’t hanging out. It’s called “Childhood”. Look it up.

You, judgmental prick. I see you sizing up my relationship, thinking it shouldn’t be this easy. I know you think I don’t deserve it. Guess what? You don’t know shit from shit. How about you take your miserable lonely self out of my face and go look in the mirror instead.

You, entitled, spoiled brat. Listen. LISTEN. Shut your face. You don’t know shit from shit and you certainly have no idea what people have to endure to get to where they are. They fight battles. They earn every day and every good thing that comes to them. Take your whiny ass down a notch off that high horse and realize that you aren’t entitled to a damn thing.

You, the one with the college degree from that expensive school. You think you have a right to judge others because you’re book smart? Because you memorized a few textbooks and think you know shit because you read about it from the comfort of your warm, cozy dorm room with a chilled beer in your hand? You don’t know shit about shit. Shut your ‘educated’ mouth and listen once in a while. Maybe pick up some common sense along the way.

You, media. No, listen. LISTEN. You need to get your shit straight. Put your reporters under scrutiny to get their facts and sources straight before they throw headlines at us…and then saying “Oh. Whoops. It was a prank. We screwed up.” That’s not how it works. When people on Twitter are more reliable than you, I think it’s time to re-evaluate your work ethic.

You, germs. GET THE EFF AWAY FROM ME. I am going to Boston this Friday and I will enjoy it. So back…OFF.

You, the eternal pessimist. Life is never perfect. Something will ALWAYS go wrong. Stop wasting your life crying over it. Look at the positives, take a deep breath and take life head-on. Always complaining won’t get you anywhere but the constant cycle of self-pity.

And you…yes…you…I’m over you. Without a doubt, without any more tears, I’m over you.

What are YOU over today?

24 thoughts on “I’m Over You

  1. Some times you have to pull the pin on the hand grenade of life and just throw it. See you in town soon!


    1. AMEN!! Ohhhhhh, I am so over those bitches who think I’m after their man because I’m outgoing.


  2. I’m over weddings and I hope that no one EVER asks me to be in another one. LOL


  3. I’m so over dating in general. This weekend was BY FAR the worst dating/boys weekend I’ve had. EVER.

    So I’m going to hide my head int eh sand for a bit. Good times.
    .-= JerzeyGrrl´s last blog ..You want to make this =-.


  4. Let’s see I am over this indecisive weather.

    I am over people who continue to let me down and expect nothing to change.

    I am over idiots who have never heard of the word “courtesy”.

    I think this may be one of my favourite posts from you dear.


  5. I’m over all the drama.

    I’m over trying, when the other person doesn’t care enough to try.

    I’m over putting people on a pedestal. No one deserves it.

    I’m over people being emotional just to get a response from others. It’s so tenth grade.

    I’m over being sympathetic to anyone who won’t help themselves.
    .-= Jaime´s last blog ..Déjà vu or nostalgia? Maybe it’s a little of both… =-.


  6. -Germs
    -Cleaning up after people who are too lazy to do it themselves (43 yr old people not 20 month old people)
    -Comments on my weight when I say we are trying for another baby – SUCK IT PEOPLE! fat chicks have healthy babies all the time!

    Lots more too. But I will leave it at that for now.

    .-= BigMamaCass´s last blog ..Not Me! Monday =-.


  7. YES — amen to the prostitots! wtf — where are their parents?!

    And I’m SO OVER the little skinny ass 18 year old freshmen girls… You just wait til that unlimited dining hall meal plan kicks in. Then maybe we’ll talk.
    .-= jenniferalaine´s last blog ..weekend with the parents. =-.


  8. Haha the prostitots. So true. I don’t understand how girls are wearing things like this when I was stuck wearing stirrup leggings and massive flowery printed shirts and/or cartoon character tees at their ages.
    .-= Late Night Drama Queen´s last blog ..Week 2: DUNZO. =-.


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