I’m just an April Fool

Am I supposed to be freaking out because I’m now 26 and THAT MUCH CLOSER TO 30?

I don’t feel any different but this year has been AMAHZING. Thanks to my wonderful fiance, my amazing friends, and everyone who never stopped believing in my crazy.

I’m always, always grateful and this year is no different though the last 2 weeks of ’25’ has been super peachy.

For my birthday blog this year, I decided to crowd-source it.  After reading what my friends said, your birthday present to me is to answer the same thing! I promise it’s easy.

Let’s begin with what they said:

You are loud and full of energy and have a big, bright smile. You are a go getter and fight for what you want and need in life. You make friends easily because you put yourself out there and you know a lot of people, but you also find time to be a good friend one on one.” – Alex

“A lovely lady, who is brave, independent, and full of inner grace.  Honest, open, and willing to do anything for a friend. A timeless classic!”Christina

Berrak is a new citizen and an old soul.  Her laugh makes you laugh.  And she likes Chipotle.” – Chloe

Berrak is smart as a whip! She’s witty, savvy and is always down for a good laugh.” – Grace

PQ is smart and pretty. She created a digital nation and its inhabitants great and small recognize her as a Princess. Its kinda like Europe only easier to get to and more entertaining.” – David

PQ is a goofball…with a speech impediment……the end!”  – Cassie

Here’s what I asked them:

Your mission, should you choose to accept is as follows:

In (at most) 3 sentences, describe me to someone who’s never met me AND who’s never been on the internets. So no references to anything blog/social media related.

And go 🙂

Also, pretty please go ‘Like’ my page on FB? KThnxbai.

6 thoughts on “I’m just an April Fool

  1. “It’s kinda like Europe, only easier to get to and more entertaining.”

    I love that.

    I’m adding genuine to these adjectives because I feel like you are exactly who you say you are. What I get online is exactly what I get in person.

    Happy birthday!


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