If I Had One Wish (Poetry)

If I had one wish,
I’d wish for some cotton candy
So I can let that inner child out to play
Out of hiding, out of the darkness of my past.

If it would make a difference,
I’d want to go back and wipe away the tears…
All those tears that flowed endlessly
During the nights, the days and the dreams in between.

If I had one wish,
I’d wish for one chance to go back
So I can tell that little girl to keep hoping
It will get better with each fight.

If I could ease her pain,
I’d stroke her hair in the night
As her face hurt from the strikes
The scars in her heart even deeper underneath.

If I thought it would be better
I’d go back to take away the pain…
But then I wonder…
Would I be as strong without surviving?

5 thoughts on “If I Had One Wish (Poetry)

  1. Wrote it last year, I think.

    I’ve been feeling poetic too but can’t get the words down.


  2. That’s always the quwstion we ask, isn’t it?

    I like this.


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