I Never Give Up!

This is what I would yell every time we played board games.


It’s not surprising that I’m an Aries…stubborn, and passionate…never giving up! Sometimes…this is a problem.

Other times…it’s the only way to keep my life going. I made two decisions today about my life…about my career and my degree.

Things have been frustrating…REALLY frustrating in the last few years…Not having finished undergrad, the job pool is even smaller for me because most companies require some sort of degree. I haven’t wanted to give up…OK…that’s a lie…there were a couple of times I wanted to say “Forget it” and drop out of school completely…but that’s not me.

I never give up!

So I made a decision today…It’s not about GW anymore…it’s not about the school…It’s about the degree and I don’t want my classes to go to waste…So here’s my decision: I’m going to look into programs at other universities and transfer to the program that makes the most sense.

I never give up but damn it if I’m going to waste my time and money, letting opportunities pass me by.

My career? It’s no secret that I’ve been looking for a job because I’ve been frustrated at work. I was unhappy but I was also going through a rough time in my life. I lost my focus and my job is what suffered. It’s true that I honestly want a different career…and I have a 5 year plan. That doesn’t mean I give up on this job right now just because it got hard. It’s a good job at a good company so for the past month, I’ve been hauling ass and focusing on work.

I never give up.

Right now, *this* is my job…and I don’t do half-assed jobs. I’m going to focus on work, take initiatives and in the meantime, build up my freelance business. I want to be a writer and a full time freelancer but guess what? That’s a 5 year plan. Right now, *this* is my job…so I’m not giving up on it.

Unless of course…a bad-ass social media job comes along.

As hard as it is…I’m not running away…and I sure as hell am not giving up.

Getting stuck in a rut isn’t an excuse to give up. It’s a push to find a reason to make the situation work, own it and make yourself stand out for YOU.

Take pride in my work & never give up. That’s the only way I know how to live…even if I lose my way once in a while.

“Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained.” — Marie Curie

What is something you didn’t give up on…even if it took you a long time to achieve it? What is something you WISH you didn’t give up on? Is there a goal you didn’t go after that you regret now? Could you achieve it today?

18 thoughts on “I Never Give Up!

  1. “All that is gold does not glitter; not all those that wander are lost.”
    J. R. R. Tolkien


  2. I wish I hadn’t gone to Baylor. That I had gone to a cheaper, public University and stayed out of the honors program that won’t transfer anywhere else. If I wouldn’t have to start all over, I’d go back and major in sociology/athropology.

    I admire your drive and determination. I wouldn’t say that I have given up. I will still take the classes and gain the knowledge that I want, eventually…but the end goal has changed in that I don’t particularly care about the actual degree anymore.


    1. Sociology is such an amazing field.

      I only care about my degree because of how many people are depending on me…and how much my future depends on it…but where it comes from is irrelevant at this point.

      I MADE it. I got into GW. I got a scholarship. I proved myself to myself. The rest is moot.


  3. What is something you didn’t give up on…even if it took you a long time to achieve it? my college education…took me 6-1/2 years (DAMN CALCULUS)

    What is something you WISH you didn’t give up on? I wish I had tried out for sports whilst I was in college…I think my GPA would have been tons better b/c they have tutors AND being kicked off the team for grades would no have been an option for me!

    Is there a goal you didn’t go after that you regret now? nope, I’m always working towards getting what I want….I might get sidetracked sometimes, BUT it will eventually get achieved!!!


    1. Yeah…I don’t know how long school is gonna take me…I just wanna finish it!!


  4. oh PQ, great post! And you GO girl!

    I pretty much gave up on college my freshman year. Failed classes, drunk for weeks on end, throwing myself at the wrong guys…a true disaster all around. I was done after one year, and gave up on going back.

    But that same pride and determination rose in me too, halfway through summer vacation I made the decision that changed my life…to return to the same school and actually TRY! Put myself out there with the fear of failing again, but this time actually APPLY myself which made failure even more scary. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t be married to my soul mate and would probably be living with my parents in rural Illinois.

    TMI, sorry, but you def struck a chord with me.
    .-= Lusty Reader´s last blog ..Movin on up =-.


    1. It’s never TMI with me…you know it 🙂

      Yeah, your college freshman year sounds like the first two months I spent after I moved out…heh.

      I’m glad that you went back or else I never would’ve met you! 🙂



    1. Yeah, it took me a long time to step back and really take a look at my long-term goals and what I really want to be doing!

      Thanks 🙂


  5. I always thought it was ridiculous that at the age of around 18 we should know what we want to know what to do for the rest of our lives when in fact it takes us A LONG TIME to figure out what we like/don’t like.

    As long as you go after what you want and enjoy, I say good for you! That’s what’s important: You.
    .-= Marie´s last blog ..Hello Again =-.


  6. I think it’s great you aren’t going to give up on your dreams- and not only are you continuing to find new ways to achieve them you are realizing it’s not a step-by-step process. You want to finish school and get a good job, but you don’t necessarily have to do one first to get the other.

    Good luck!
    .-= Patrick´s last blog ..4 Sport Boston: Fantasy Football Spectacular =-.


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