I LOVE…Fridays

Goooooooood morning my loves! I know…it’s been so long since I did one of these that I forgot what week I’m on…but oh well! I need to stay cheery so I’ll just do it and we’ll see where it goes!

I LOVE…that I get off work at 2:00 today and it’s a THREE DAY WEEKEND!

I LOVE…the way the weather’s cooled off…I wish it always stayed this way!

I LOVE…Inglourious Basterds. No, seriously. I saw it twice and I wanna see it AGAIN! Tarantino, you sick genius! (This picture is for you Lexa)

I LOVE…the Uptown…Such a nice theater…Why haven’t I gone there before?!

I LOVE…how retarded Stephanie gets sometimes.

I LOVE…talking to the roomies while I’m in the shower, the other’s on the toilet and the other is washing her face. We’re klassy.

I LOVE…sleep. Seriously.

I LOVE…that I’m going to a Dance party on Sat and a rooftop pool party on Sunday! (Still…no alcohol! Whoot!)


I LOVE…that the Boondock Saints sequel is FINALLY coming out…I’d lost hope…I’m glad that most of the original cast is in it but Sean Patrick Flannery…Honey…what happened to you? And they’re gonna have to do a whole lot to make up for the fact that Willem Dafoe isn’t in this one.

I LOVE…that I will be in BOSTON the weekend Boondock Saints 2 comes out. Could it be any more perfect? I think not!

I LOVE…that a few of my awesome friends have found their way to Tumblr.

I LOVE…that my friends are getting hired left and right for new jobs!

I LOVE…conversations like this:

f.B.: but tacos are diet friendly food
PQ: because you poop them out right away?
f.B: i don’t even think you have to squat
f.B: it’s a simple in and out procedure

I LOVE…how absolutely amazing you guys are. Thank you for not letting me down when I needed you the most…Your support is appreciated beyond belief. ♥

Talib Kweli – Get By

Well…it’s a three day weekend…What will YOU be doing?

17 thoughts on “I LOVE…Fridays

  1. I heart Happy Q 🙂

    I plan to do a whole lot of nothing during my few seconds breathers from this database nightmare, and hopefully finalize itinerary for NorCal and Chicago.

    Have fun Sweets!
    .-= Anita´s last blog ..Back Yard Break =-.


  2. I LOVE…this blog.
    I LOVE…3 day weekends too.
    I LOVE…that Friday is Sushi Day at work.
    I LOVE…that it’s officially one week til my birthday – when I’ll have an excuse to get stupid, STUPID drunk and sing bad karaoke.
    I LOVE…that college football has officially started. And the knockout footage from last night’s post game suckerpunch.
    I LOVE…beer. and wings. which happen to go perfectly with college football.
    I LOVE…calling my friends’ kids to sing them happy birthday.

    And one of my best friends is getting married the Friday after next, so this three day weekend will be mostly spent helping her finalize everything. Yay for arts and crafts!


    1. I looooooooooove karaoke…I miss it!! I am so coming to visit you as soon as I can so we can drunk karaoke together.



  3. Should I be ashamed to admit that I can’t wait for Glee either?

    We’re doing some clean up around the house and lots of picnics and birthdays. Looks like a great start to September 🙂



  4. I have heard nothing but great things about Inglorious Basterds. I think you have convinced me to let go of my frugal ways for one evening and go watch it! Also, Kudos for the Hakuna Matata pic. Is is sad that I am 26 and I know the all the words to the song?
    .-= David Clark´s last blog ..Hiatus =-.


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