I Live For…

…my mom’s ‘good’ days.

…chilling with my brother, playing Street Fighter 2 on XBox and giggling like mad when he tells me to stop beating him.

…Playing catch with the pup.

…Waking up with the man I love, who will put up with pretty much all of my annoying, cranky, stubborn moments.

…nights with my C-Pants that end with beer up the nose and laughing hysterically until our abs hurt, catching our breath and then laughing again just from looking at each other.

…Warm spring days.

…the first sip of the perfect cup of coffee on a Monday morning.

…being surrounded by the most amazing people in the world.

…Remembering that I only live once so what’s the point of not being ridiculous?  So I get up and dance on bars if I feel like it.

…Meeting friends I’ve known for years for the first time.

…My bestie understanding exactly what I’m feeling even if I can’t pin it down with words and knowing the right questions to ask.

…Knowing that even when everything is spiraling out of control, it is always worth it in the end.

12 thoughts on “I Live For…

  1. If the first sip of coffee on a Monday morning was followed by climbing back in bed and sleeping three more hours, then yes. That’s one of my favorite things!


    1. YES. I agree.

      I actually teared up a bit this morning when I realized it was Monday.


    1. Oh it doesn’t make it OK. But for that moment, it’s as if it’s not Monday.


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