I Have Yet to Catch a Fly but…

…I did learn how to use chopsticks this weekend!

On Saturday, a group of us went to Sticky Rice for dinner.  I’d never used chopsticks and I was too embarassed to ask for a fork so I figured it was a good time to learn! There were 4 different people making suggestions on how I should do it but I finally grabbed them the right way* and picked up a pot sticker! And brought it to my mouth!** The only thing that bothered me was the fact that my hand isn’t used to being in that position for too long so it started to hurt after a while but I was even able to pick up rice with the chop sticks! That was a major win for me because I’m pretty damn uncoordinated!

After dinner, we went to the Pug for a drink (after standing around talking on the sidewalk for a good half hour), and then stood around for another good 20 minutes before we headed home for the night to watch “The Invention of Lying”…which was pretty damn good!

Sunday was a little hectic…but I’ve started house sitting for a friend so I have a quiet apartment for myself for the next week or so. It’s gonna be niiiiiiiice. Her apartment building is gorgeous and minutes from Old Town…it’s one of the places I’m looking at for my move in June once my lease is up.  (Holy crap, it’s almost been a year since I moved out!)

Going backwards, Thursday night was the Jeff Dunham show at the Verizon Center…the best part of the show had to be Guitar Guy***…because let’s face it…even though the tour is “Identity Crisis”, Jeff D. is having more of a mid-life crisis in those leather pants *shudder*. It was still a fun date night for me and the Boy…I’m really glad I bought those tickets when I did!  (Speaking of date nights and laughter, check out today’s article over at my Examiner page)

PS: The song of the day is:

How was your weekend? Did you see a new movie? Do anything fun? What’s your song of the day?

By the way, did you Love Harder today?

***His son started Avenged Sevenfold which is one of my favorite bands!

7 thoughts on “I Have Yet to Catch a Fly but…

  1. How was your weekend? MY WEEKEND ROCKED! FUCKIN AWESOME!! Spent time with mom and dad Friday, got shitty ass drunk on Saturday, SAINTS WON on Sunday!!! Can’t get too much better than that…..

    Did you see a new movie? Nope, was too busy being drunk

    Do anything fun? umm, I SAID I was too busy being drunk…lol

    What’s your song of the day? “I need you Now” by Lady Antebellum….actually, it’s been my song of the month so far..I start every work day off with it!!!


    1. WHOO on being drunk!

      Yeah, I kinda got a little out of hand with the margaritas on Friday…oops.


      1. no such thing….cannot have too many margaritas…I refuse to believe in alcohol poisoning…lol


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