It’s the middle of June.

Doesn’t that blow your mind?

2011 is half gone.

Just like that.

This summer, compared to last summer, is going swimmingly. I am no longer dreading waking up in the morning to go to work. I’m not hiding things from my family, and I’m so much better at managing my money.


Kind of.

So while things are going a LOT better, I’ve still been…off lately. That was the only way I could describe it to my friends whenever someone asked what was wrong.


Then Andrew sat me down the other night and asked me to talk through things.  Then he hit the nail on the head.

I am in constant transition.

Which is exhausting so when I have the time & energy to write a blog, it’s usually a ‘breakthrough’ blog, with feelings & the schmoop and the WHINING (sometimes.)

Which, ya know, awesome. Because today at work, one of the interns I hadn’t met before told me that she read my QLC blog post over at Life with Pho and said that the entire intern room read it because it was inspiring. Later, a friend of mine called me inspiring because I was telling her that she needs to show her passion & go after what she wants.

Me? Inspiring? Well, it was a full moon today after all.

The point is this: When I’m on point, I can be pretty funny.

And I cuss, a lot. (Sorry Dad.) I’ve cut back cussing on my blog but that does not mean that it’s 100% PG.

Shit, that’ll never happen. (See what I did there?)

I am now in transition to bring that part of my personality back to my voice, to this blog, to my daily life outside of my small circle. Because one of the biggest things I’m proud of is that, when people meet me for the first time, they say I’m exactly the same as I am on my blog/twitter/ALLOVERTHEINTERNETS.

I’m sarcastic. I’m, at times, bitchy. I am GOOFY. I am all over the place & I’m hella opinionated.

Oh & I cuss like a sailor.

Also, things like this make me snort.

So, while I will continue to share my frustrations, breakthroughs & everything in between (Which may or may not inspire some people), I think it’s about time I start representing my spazzy goofball badge again.

So I hope you’ll stick around through all the sunshine & butterflies, and, ya know, all the fun stuff.



6 thoughts on “I DO WHAT I WANT

  1. I love that you share everything with us. I’m trying to do the same. Yay for being you!! You are awesome 🙂


  2. I think you know, I will always be sticking around.  Cause I have been here five + years so far, and I am not going anywhere either.  Just FYI.  I have noticed, while I know we are all transistioning on some level, I am not doing any major change in my life right now.  And at first I don’t think I knew what to do about that. I always had Something going on, and right now I just don’t.

    And it is great.  Finally time for me to work on the things I want to work on.  Not some drama or life changing event (knock on wood).  I am more than stoked.  As I am for you!XO’s


  3. LOVE, love this post! Life is YOUR BITCH! HAHA 🙂 Love your blog and most importantly, YOU. I think you are very inspiring!! Keep it up girl.


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