Hello Quarter-Century, You’re Looking Lovely

See, last year, I made myself a promise. “I will NOT be living at home on my 25th birthday.”

And I’m not.

Instead, tonight, I’m going to my parents’ house for my birthday dinner. I woke up with the man I love, to amazing messages from amazing friends and last night, at dinner, I got notice of another freelance assignment.

Oh and it’s sunny in DC today.

See, I used to think that my birthday had to be this big thing (Which is why I asked for the birthday roast) but you know what? I am surrounded by AMAZING people, both physically and in my heart and I am BLESSED.

I’m moving forward in my life and those people who tried to keep me down for years are stuck in neutral.

I’m a 25-year-old woman, living on her own, working hard to correct the mistakes she made, fully in love and taking chances to live life to the fullest.

I am BEYOND flattered and overwhelmed with the love I receive EVERYDAY but today, it’s been just so amazing.  You guys are my world!

If this isn’t the life, I don’t know what is.

So my birthday will go like this:

Lunch with amazing girls.

Dinner with my family.

HH tomorrow with some of my favorites followed by a birthday bash for another friend.

Cherry blossoms/pillow fight in DC with my favorite person followed by my birthday dinner with my favorite people ever on Saturday.

So uh…ya know…A-MAHZING.

I love my life and I’m going to KEEP rocking it.

Now, I turn the blog over to you…I’ll get it started with a couple of ‘roasts’ I received from my favorites:

It’s funny how things are when you meet someone in person that you’ve known online for a while. That’s especially true when this person is willing to share stuff on line that you may not hear in person until many years and a few beers later.

PQ is way more awesome in person than she is online, believe it or not. But when you’re sitting at Rumors having lunch with her coworkers who have a vague idea that PQ writes online at all, try really hard NOT to think ‘wow… she once had 15 orgasms in the back of a van?”. — Ron
From a woman who’s known me for nearly 10 years:
1. Your ass. ‘Nuff said. (it’s amazing)
2. She’s trilingual; she speaks Turkish, English and Drama!
3. Triple-Venti-White-Chocolate-Mocha is one word….. spoken several times a day. It’s not an addiction, it’s an achievement!
4. This will be the umpteenth post out of a million blogs and bajillion websites and social media profiles…. does she talk to anyone in person? Wow that girl is plugged in. I’m waiting for her to start talking to her computer screen!
5. I hope no one got her a car for her birthday…. alert the D.C. cops! Or maybe they should raise the speed limit to 90 in her honor!
6. Here in NC, me and my boyfriend (who also has friends in MD… long story) have something we like to call a “Maryland lane change” – abruptly and strategically swerving two or more lanes in a calculated risk with no signal just before the desired exit, done to save time and aggravation for you, though it causes plenty for others. And PQ is the one who taught it to me.
Feel free to chip in!!
Hope everyone has an AMAZING day 🙂

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