Grabbing Life By The Balls

I’m afraid of making ‘To-Do’ lists because I get overwhelmed just looking at them…but if I don’t, then important things slip through the cracks. (Like making a new layout for my Numbah 2, which I will make tonight, I promise. Loveyoumeanit.)

We’ve already established that I am an overachiever but I thrive under pressure. (Or so I pretend)

Sometimes I need help getting away from my own head and getting back to basics, like a heart-to-heart with my roommate/C-Pants, to remember the people who love me unconditionally and how being in my own head can hurt me, as well as them.

Sometimes, I need a little push to get my ass to the gym, even though I’m scared, and I feel like I’m so out of shape it’s going to be awful and I’ll be disappointed. Then a 40 minute cardio session followed by the crazy ab machine after stretches bring me back to reality and remind me how much working out helps me, instead of hurting me.

Sometimes, I need to grab life by the balls and keep trying, even if I fail the first…second…or fourth times. And the pay-off? I get my first freelance writing gig as the DC 20Something Relationships Examiner. Oh yeah, that’s me. Go over there and sub to my RSS feed, won’t you?

Sometimes, after feeling like a failure and feeling like things won’t ever get back to normal, I need to make a decision, even if it scares me, and go back to school full-time. That decision should also involve going after my new dream, however challenging it may be. Sometimes, I need to push myself to become the best I can be by taking Journalism classes and even if the syllabus for that class alone (forget about the other 4 classes I’m taking this semester) makes me cry, I need to buckle down and get shit done.

Sometimes, I need to open up my heart, even if it’s been broken time and time again…so that I can find my soul mate. Sometimes, I need to let myself be loved, even if I’m damaged goods. Sometimes, I need to stand my ground, even if others judge my relationship. Sometimes, I need to let love be.

Sometimes…just sometimes…I need to stand behind my convictions and grab life by the balls.

Welcome to my insanity.

Full-time job.
Full-time school.
Full-time relationship.
Full-time writing (with a part-time freelance gig)
Part-time TV obsession.
Full-time fitness.
Full-time life.

*My social life might suffer for a few months but I guess that’s the price I pay for my dreams.
*I finally bought my domain name: This means nothing to you, except for the fact that I am a dork.
*I love you guys, to the moon, and I just need you to bear with me as I adjust to my new insanity…don’t feel neglected if you don’t hear from me or there are no fly-by comments on your blogs. I’m still reading.
*I do have a and during my insanity, I’ll need a distraction so ask me questions there, will ya?
*I am still taking requests for blog moving (Blogger to WP, free WP to self-hosted WP) and blog redesigns, so just email me & stuff.

Also, if you are in the area, be here Wed. night. Do it. (Thanks to Rachel Smiles for the info)

Did you miss it? If you did, don’t forget to sub to my new Examiner column, about relationships and such…and feel free to give me suggestions on topics. Since I’m gonna need them, for sure.

Also, if anyone gets a chance, can we please have a global agreement to add 5 more hours to the day? Yes? A girl’s gotta sleep sometime.

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  1. well…to be precise I think you’d want 5 more hours added to the NIGHT….just saying


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