Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

One of our alarms’ starting ringing around 5:45 this morning. Normally, I’d roll over, go back to sleep and let the alarm snooze for another hour. This morning, however, was the start of a new schedule. A new way of life, so to speak, and we were both OK with it. He nudged me to get out of bed around 6 and directed me toward the shower. We had to leave the house in 30 minutes.

Did I get a new job that has a different commute? No.

Did we move to a different city? No.

I met with my new communications director last week. He asked me how I felt about coming in earlier in the morning to do the daily newsletter and therefore leaving earlier in the afternoon. That, my friends, is a dream come true.

Coming in earlier means avoiding traffic (and therefore still being able to get a ride from the Boy as he goes on his way to his job). Coming in earlier means that I will be getting my work done in a quiet office before anyone comes in.

Leaving earlier? That means I have more time for working out, studying, and running errands before starting dinner. It means earlier nights. It means better plans. It means flexibility. It means more time to write.

The new boss also mentioned something about wanting to take me out of an admin role and give me more opportunities to write. Hell yes!

That was an amazing start to my weekend with the Boy as we made our way down to VA Tech for his friend’s wedding.

Hai! I'm ready for the wedding!

The campus was beautiful. The ceremony was even more precious. I got to meet a lot of the Boy’s old friends and made some new ones myself. As for our first weekend away, we hit a few rough spots but made it through. Just like we always do.

We went back to the hotel in the Hooptie Van!

Sunday night, we got some AMAZING news.ย  My status message prompted a lot of text messages and speculation.

“Are you engaged?”

“Are you pregnant? You’re pregnant aren’t you?”

The Boy even got a text from one of his friends asking if we were engaged.

No and no.

We are not there yet.ย  We, however, are still moving in together.ย  We were approved for the apartment we REALLY wanted and it just made it even more real. In less than 2 months, we will be making a first floor apartment in a row house our home. (Get ready for the housewarming!)

First step to an amazing journey together and I couldn’t be happier. (Details and pix to come soon)

Oh and to those who thought we were engaged…Please. As if a picture of that engagement ring wouldn’t be up on Facebook SECONDS after I said yes. It’s like you don’t even know me.

Do you co-habitate with your SO? How was it in the beginning?

If I told you that you could choose one piece of furniture/decoration in my house, what would you put there?

How was YOUR weekend?

25 thoughts on “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

  1. This was slightly misleading and the hype did not live up. Big fail.


  2. For someone who values convenience, cohabitation is where it is AT, my friend. While they are are all the time – ew – they’re also there whenever you need anything. Like milk. Or warmth. Or HJs.
    .-= Ben´s last blog ..Oh right… =-.


    1. Yeah, I do like his warmth.

      That’s why we made sure we got a 1-br and not a studio. We need WALLS.


  3. That’s so exciting about the new schedule and the writing opportunities! (And the apartment, of course.) Looks like everything is working out – so happy for you!
    .-= Liebchen´s last blog ..Jam-packed weekend =-.


    1. I know. I was getting super stressed out the last few weeks and then…everything fell into place!


  4. Congratulations! That’s all good news! I wish I could have a schedule like that.

    We started living together about 7 months after we got involved, and it made life much easier. No more discussions about who had to be up earlier or which house we’d be staying at and no worries about the animals. It’s been a good deal all around. I suppose that’s obvious since that was 5.5 years ago and we’re married. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Something for a new house: an electric blanket. You don’t have to sleep with it on, but having a warm bed to climb into is a really good feeling.
    .-= Wendryn´s last blog ..(Mostly) Fiction โ€“ Exhaustion =-.


    1. Oh I don’t need an electric blanket…the Boy’s like a human heater…LOL


  5. I moved in with my fiancee after about 7 months of dating also. I think everyone should live together before they get married. I used to say, “Well, we practically live together.” I learned how WRONG I was when we actually moved in together. Completely different when everything is ours and not mine. It was hard for me to deal with a messy man, but I’ve definitely learned to compromise and pick my battles.


    1. Yeah, we’re definitely at the 7 month mark…I’m really excited about this ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. I already knew about all of this, but YAY anyway, haha. Boyfriend and I just started living together, but I lived with a different boyfriend a few years ago. And nothing has ever been in an issue living with either one. Why? Well, the big thing is to still give each other that bit of space. Sure, it’s great to be able to cuddle on the couch every minute of every day, but that gets old fast. It helps to have some separation.

    For my boyfriend and I that means his computer is in our second bedroom, so he plays his games in there sometimes. There’s a couch in there, TV, etc. so it’s like a second lounge area, which helps when we don’t want to watch the same thing at night, ha.
    .-= MinD´s last blog ..Womenโ€™s Writes โ€” But itโ€™s not the 1950sโ€ฆ =-.


    1. Yeah…when we were looking, we saw a lot of studios at decent prices but just looked at each other and went “Uhhhhhhhh, we need walls.”



  7. Squeeeeeeeeee!!! Can you tell I bounced off the wall reading this? Congratulations Sweets & Boy.

    I do not live with my current boyfriend but have cohabitated with past BFs / fiances. Somehow I don’t think we’ll be going down that road before we are married.

    Past move-ins were issue free though. Then again, I am a pretty low-maintenance person and do not make a big fuss out of most things.

    I would choose a big gorgeous photograph for your new crib. No home is complete without photographs and orchids ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Yessss. I do have to have an Anita original hanging on the walls of my new home!!!


  8. I’m really happy to hear some changes at work is making life a lot better! It sounds like you are going to be able to make some changes and hopefully grow into something else.
    .-= Dmbosstone´s last blog ..Learning To Say No =-.


    1. I’m really hoping! I got my resume out there but we’ll see. I’m giving this director a shot…I just hope the big bosses don’t get in his way too much.


  9. I haven’t moved ALL of my things in yet because they’re all still in RI, but I have been living with Walter for a month now and it’s been great. It would be infinitely better if we were living in our OWN place, but that will come in time.
    .-= SillyJaime´s last blog ..History is FTW =-.


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