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How to Get an Early Start to Your Day

    • Wake up in the middle of the night with painful cramps.
    • Check your phone to see what time it is (1:30 AM) and notice an important email.
    • Unwisely open said email while you’re in an already emotionally raw place after four days of being sick & go into another emotional tailspin.
    • Wonder if you’ll cry yourself to sleep (and actually sleep through your cramps).
    • 2:27 AM – Nope. The cramps are too much.
    • Wonder how early is too early to take a shower without waking up your neighbors.
    • Decide that 5:30 AM is reasonable.
    • Lie back down, contemplating every mistake you’ve ever made while doing the “If I go to sleep now, I’ll get X hours of sleep countdown.”

  • Start an email to a close friend. Decide it’s unwise to write an email in such a bad emotional stage.
  • Go on Pinterest for #bulletjournal inspiration because you’re finally starting yours this week.
  • Is it 5:30 yet? (No)
  • Watch stand-up comedy clips to put yourself in a marginally better mood.
  • Wonder why your cat isn’t sleeping in the bedroom with you tonight.
  • Contemplate going out in the living room to get said cat. Bed is too comfy to leave.
  • Curse your uterus.
  • Watch a guitar player perform 100 TV theme songs. Get all nostalgic.

  • 5:25 AM. It’s time to shower.
  • Hot showers are the best.
  • Realize you need to go to the store to grab something, decide to treat yourself to coffee on the way.
  • Oooh, flowers. Those are a good idea.
  • Maybe you should drive to the beach. That always puts your mind at ease.
  • Get to the beach. Get creeped out by how dark and quiet it is at 6:15 AM. Do a u-turn and head back home.
  • At least you were close to the water.
  • Since you have an appetite for the first time in a week, treat yourself to a croissant and watermelon for breakfast.
  • Write a blog post about your night because remember, you actually enjoy doing that.
  • Sip coffee, start day, hope for the best.
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