When I’m talking to my best friend online and she says “Fine” as a reply to something, it immediately makes me wonder if she’s upset.

For the longest time, the word ‘Fine’ as a reply had been associated with “I’m annoyed at/with you and don’t really feel like dealing with you.” (Or something similar). It was tied to a negative feeling.

I know that’s not the case with my best friend (She will tell me when she’s annoyed with me) but that gut wrenching feeling still jumps at me at times. Like yesterday. My heart just sank because I honestly thought she was upset and wasn’t telling me.

I hate that feeling.

We know words are powerful but the way an association can linger for years is amazing.

The way one single word can take us 5 years back, just like a smell can take us back in time to a moment.

Complete with all of the feelings, whether they’re good or bad.

“Fine” is only one of the words that I’ve proactively worked on disassociating with a time in my life. It’s not always easy because if your guard is down, your psyche will jump up and attack you at the most unfortunate moments.

It’s amazing what a single word can do.

9 thoughts on “Fine.

  1. I am absolutely with you on “fine.”

    I’m also guilty of sometimes using it when it’s not the case. Oops.


  2. It’s weird, because “fine” means good, but we use it more often as a dismissal or signal of annoyance. So strange.


  3. I detest the word ‘Fine’ as a response to any question.  Whenever anyone responds to me with ‘Fine’, I feel instantly defensive and injured, and I worry.  Worrying takes all the fun out of life.  I should know, I do it all the time.  Plus I’m pretty much always worried that everyone doesn’t like me anyway.


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