Finding My Center

Since I lost my job, I wake up everyday wishing I could get away. I feel like I need to just get out of town for a while and recharge.

Find my center.

One of the hardest things has been not having a car and being able to go for a drive or run errands when I feel like it.  The Boy leaves for work at 7-8 am and doesn’t get home until 7-8 pm.  Kind of sucks and it sucks even more since he’s the one with the car. Feeling trapped is an understatement. Of course, I know that DC is a great city to explore and you guys made great suggestions on my last post but between the heat and the need to apply to jobs constantly keeps me away from planning daily trips around the city.

True, I have been dying to visit the museums and enjoy myself in the city and always complain that I have to work but why couldn’t I have lost my job in September when it’s nice and cool? I know, that just sounds wrong but you know what I mean.

Of course, I also haven’t been working out…I mean, this morning was the first time I worked out in a month and I say ‘worked out’ in the loosest sense of the phrase. Slowly though, I’m coming back to life.

Like grocery shopping.  When I open my fridge and am greeted by beer (Mostly the boy’s, I don’t really drink when I’m at home) and milk, with some leftovers, it doesn’t inspire me. So this weekend, the Boy and I went grocery shopping and the fridge is now full of veggies I am excited to use in new recipes. I am not a foodie by any means but I do love cooking. Something as routine as grocery shopping helped me get one more piece of my old self back.

Yesterday, when I went to my parents’, I found my high school yearbook and aimed at finding my center. It reminded me that while I’ve come a long way since then, the friendships have lasted through it all. Two of my best friends are still in my life and reading the things they wrote at the end of our senior year brought tears to my eyes.

Finding my center lies in remembering what matters.

One of my best friends, Jackie, has been feeling the need to get away as well so we’re taking our first road trip (and we’ve been friends for 10 years!) this weekend and hitting the beach for two nights.  I am promising myself to be as disconnected as possible this weekend and enjoy myself, as well as my time with my best friend.

Sorry if this post was a little rambly. I’m trying to do my best to get back to my writing but I’m a little rusty and all over the place.

How was your weekend?

Give me some road trip tunes!!

What is your favorite thing to do on/near the beach? We’ll be staying on the boardwalk in OC, MD.

7 thoughts on “Finding My Center

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody for sure! Cranked all the way up, Wayne’s World style.

    My weekend was busy and blah. Cores, helped out a friend, packed, and more chores. Why does leaving for vaca have to be so stressful?

    Have fun on your road trip Sweets!



  2. It takes time, love. You were thrown a curve ball and you’re dealing with it like a grown up. Don’t worry. You’re well on your way.


  3. I feel like I’m going through a similar crisis right now. Not sure how to solve it, but it’s a work in progress. Hope you have a good trip!


  4. It’s okay, being rambly is good sometimes. I think I was at my rambliest ever today 🙂

    I wish I could make you a road trip MIXTAPE, music projects are my favourite ever!


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