Ferris Bueller Said It Best

Years ago, when Ferris Bueller said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it,” I knew I’d fully understand the meaning of that eventually.

My life has always been non-stop. It’s just the way it is. I used to resent how fast it moved in ways I wasn’t ready but I’ve come to terms with it.

In the last 5 years, I’ve really started to own my life.

It wasn’t until this past year, especially the last few months, that I understood the true meaning behind Bueller’s words. I’ve always juggled way too many balls at once but I’ve always felt like I was running in place.  As if life was moving forward all around me and I was just stuck on a treadmill and there was no way to get off without letting the balls fall.

Well, they fell. So did I. Violently.

Then I had to learn to start moving forward and I was  no longer running in place.

In the past few weeks, I’ve said “I don’t even recognize my life” on more than one occasion.

In the best way  possible.

There are moments when the changes are bad, but in the direction of a good ending.

One of the things I learned about myself this past year is that I cannot function without lists.  I’ve always been the type to write everything down but never a to-do list.  I’ve always kept a mental list of things I need to do, while juggling everything all at once.

This may be life’s way of getting me to slow down a bit  but I can no longer fully function without making physical notes of things I need to get done.

A ‘completed’ list full of check-marks is my favorite.

So I’m learning to organize.

  • I make grocery-lists.
  • My calendar is getting more and more organized. (Hell, the fact that I’m keeping a calendar alone is evolution.)
  • Even though everything is online, I make lists of my school work every week.
  • I am now writing blogs ahead of time & starting to keep a blog schedule.
  • I’m planning out my meals and printing out recipes.
  • I budget.
  • I clip coupons and write down which one expires when in a notebook to keep track.

I may be becoming a little OCD but I can’t let my ADD take over my life.  Last time I did, everything came crashing down.

I’m even penciling in ‘relaxation’ to my calendar because sometimes, I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy my life as it’s happening.

I guess this is part of growing up.  Realizing that I can’t do everything without help, and figuring out ways to manage.

Are you a list-a-holic?

What’s your way of staying organized?

Do you remember to slow down so you don’t miss your own life as it’s passing you by?

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19 thoughts on “Ferris Bueller Said It Best

  1. I make a list every night before I go to bed of things I need to do the next day. I make a grocery list on my fridge (I plan meals). I also keep another list on my fridge of other things I need to get from the store or whatnot. I have a “semester” list of deadlines and things on my desk listed in chronological order. I keep a planner and a Google calendar. I color code my planner so each category has a color and I highlight it so it stands out. If I didn’t stay organized, I wouldn’t be able to do all I do in a week. It’s just that simple. 🙂


  2. I hear ya on the life moving too fast and stop to enjoy a minute. I keep organized with lists, calendars and apps that reach me where I live, online and mobile.


  3. I started keeping lists with my new job just to keep all my different projects straight without tasks blurring together.

    Liked the post. Anything to do with Ferris Bueller will catch my attention 🙂


  4. my man consistently makes fun of me for my calendars, my lists, etc. i accidentally bought hockey tickets for a night i had another plan, and as i canceled that plan, he said, “so. good thing you keep that calendar, eh?”

    i’m glad others can understand my need to keep things in check. he sure as hell can’t. 🙂


    1. Andrew doesn’t make fun of me…in fact, he was the one that encouraged me to really start writing things down and make lists. Sometimes, he’s on my ass too much about it though 🙂


  5. I am all about lists. I love the feeling of crossing something off when I am finished! 🙂

    I have three different calendars that I use between work and personal life (one on my BB which means it is always with me!). They are KEY to keeping me organized.

    We definitely make grocery lists and plan out meals ahead of time. That saves us from buying stuff we don’t need.

    And over a year ago we started budgeting. It has helped us immensely with reigning in our spending.

    Keep it up!


  6. I LOVE making lists. In fact, the boyfriend says I only like making them because I like the idea of crossing them off. And he might be right…but I don’t think it’s a bad thing.


  7. Lists! LISTS!!!! I love lists. I love crossing things off, and adding things and crossing more things off!

    I’m so happy for you, growing and growing up and all that. 😀


  8. I love lists! I make lists for everything too! I have to write everything down or it probably won’t get done.


  9. Firstly, so happy about the direction your life is taking! Also, LOVE that “fall together” quote!

    Secondly – I am a list-aholic too! I think they’re a really great motivator 🙂


  10. I like lists…not compulsively so, but still

    I am opposite of you………I need to remind myself to get moving most days…lol


  11. Oh I’m totally addicted to lists. There’s one beside my bed. I also like to schedule which days will be for which items on the list. Although if I’m totally honest, today’s list isn’t done yet and I’m done for the day. But I still need lists to keep track of all the silly stupid stuff I need to do. (Who still uses money orders and why the heck do I have to get one? I would never remember something so lame if I didn’t write it down.)


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