Feelings: Inconclusive

The one number one question I’ve been asked this weekend is…How do you feel?

Since I’m all moved out and all.

I’m sitting here on the couch at my new place, after a fantastic night out after a full day of driving and all I can think right now is…I don’t know how I’m feeling.

It still hasn’t registered.

But I do know I’m incredibly sore (Thanks fucker who hit me Friday)…and tired (I drove SO much) and uncertain…Because I did this horribly terrifying thing…leaving behind what’s been crippling me all these years and I think I’m in shock. I think my family is in shock because I actually did it. I packed my life into suitcases and into my car and rolled out. This is crazyness. It felt as if I was going on vacation, the way I packed my clothes in to suitcase. But nope. This is no vacation.

I’m exhausted yet I can’t sleep so I’m sitting here uploading pix from tonight & playing with my new iPod. That’s right. I bought myself a new iPod.

Because 2009? All.about.me.

I think it’ll hit me when I go to work on Tuesday…because everything will the same..yet…so fucking different.

Jesus, Dori (the cat) just jumped on the couch behind me and scared the shit out of me. I gotta get used to living with animals.

I think I’m just gonna go to sleep now. We have mad cleaning to do today.

7 thoughts on “Feelings: Inconclusive

  1. Congrats on the move! Where’d you move from? I came from Ohio almost two years ago now – and every day for a few months I thought, “Really? I did this?” And I still do sometimes, but L.L.’s right – moving out, especially far from home, is one if the most liberating things you can do.

    What neighborhood are you living in?

    Suburban Sweetheart’s last blog post..Look, Ma! I Can Cook!


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