Fashion Lovers, Check This Out

So, I have TWO weddings to go to in the next 3 months, and two birthday parties (mine and a friend’s) and possible other events in between…but I have to save money for rent (which is doubling) and tuition (yay education) so I can’t exactly go out and spend a lot of money on dresses…

But I’m spoiled and want to wear this ADORABLE $1,850 dress.

And I just might be able to…thanks to Rent the Runway!

Rent the Runway is a BRILLIANT website but it’s very EXCLUSIVE…

Lucky for you, I have the ability to get you IN.

Use THIS link to sign up for the site and take a peek around…

Who knows? That perfect dress for the next company function with the big wigs could be waiting for you. (Plus, who doesn’t love looking at pretty dresses?)

**I will be returning to regular blogging very soon, I promise.**

14 thoughts on “Fashion Lovers, Check This Out

  1. Oo i like that website. might help me loose some poundage to fit into more of those dresses! i sent your link to a couple coworkers!


  2. That’s fantastic. I’m in the same boat – 3 weddings and 2 big birthdays. Why can’t things just be free?
    .-= Liebchen´s last blog ..Good news! =-.


    1. I know right? Now you can wear a $2000 dress for just $75! LOL


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