Dirty Fingernails

Dirty fingernails.

That’s what I remember. He had dirty fingernails. The entire time he was talking to me, I couldn’t help but think “His fingernails are dirty. I should tell him. I need to tell him.”

He was someone I knew…or I was supposed to know. I remember seeing him before. I think I was supposed to care about him. His wife didn’t listen to him so that’s why I was there. He was talking to me but I couldn’t hear a word he said because all I could hear in my head was my own voice screaming “OH MY GOD, CUT YOUR NAILS!” His jacket was dirty too. Did he work in construction?

I never found out but maybe I will next time. Why don’t I know this? I have the feeling that I know this man and I care about him so why can’t I even remember his name?

I’m late. I’m supposed to be getting ready for my friend’s wedding. No, I’m a bridesmaid. Maid of Honor? I’m important so why am I not there? I rush over, wearing jeans, my own hair a mess.

“Where the hell have you been? The wedding starts in 15 minutes.”

She has long hair. When did her hair get so long? I grab the flat iron and go to work. Then I remember. On my way over to the room, I saw someone.

“Why did you invite her?” I ask the bride.
“Her. And oh my god, him.”
“I didn’t…who the hell…”
“Maybe Alex did.”
(Who is Alex?)

Brad Garrett and Pablo Francisco stumble in. Are they drunk? Why are they here? Why isn’t the bride wearing a wedding gown…and why am I doing her hair in front of everyone?

Oh god, why is he here? Who invited him.

She gets up, leaving me there with the flat iron in my hand. Is she going to greet him with a smile? No…she pushes him out.

“Who invited you? Get out.”

He disappears.

She comes back to me with a smile. My heart starts beating again. Brad Garrett is saying something in the background.

I wake up.


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12 thoughts on “Dirty Fingernails

  1. I had a roommate once who was really good at dream analysis–basically asking questions about the meaning of each part of the dream, and as you find yourself answering them, and describing them you start to realize what they really represent (usually some anxiety you were feeling before going to sleep, or latent worries going on in your head). They were always fascinating conversations.
    .-= Brando´s last blog ..Literally! =-.


    1. Well, because of the people that were in the dream, I have a pretty good idea of the anxiety part.

      Not so sure about the ‘wedding’ of a friend who is single


  2. Stop smoking before bed…lol

    There are hidden meanings behind your dreams…I’m sure in time you will realize what all this has to do with. It will actually all make sense one day.


    1. LOL

      The way Claire and I were laughing last night, it was almost as bad as smoking.


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