Dear Heart,

Listen. I want to tell you that I am very proud of you. You’ve been dragged through the mud and defeated over and over again the past few months. I know that despite my attempts to keep you guarded, you are going to feel things through and through and you will stay warm.

I can’t help but be afraid for you every time you start to feel too much and care for those who may not appreciate you. You are undefeated. Despite everything you are put through, you come out on top, still full of love and appreciation, even for people who can’t appreciate you.

You’re brave. You’re strong and I promise you, despite my protests, I’m proud of the way you don’t give up.

I’d be meaningless without you.


The Brain


I wrote this nearly four years ago and found it today when I was clearing out some of the notes from my Facebook profile. I’ve been through so much in the last four years, and funny enough, it’s my own words that give me the unexpected inspiration to push forward when I’ve hit my rock bottom.

One thought on “Dear Heart,

  1. Opening my heart to other people is something that is very hard for me to do.


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