Dear Boston, Are You Ready For This?

In 24 hours, I’ll be in BOSTON. In fact, in 24 hours, I will have been in BOSTON for over 2 hours.

Nah, I’m not excited at ALL.

Between trips to the ER and car accidents galore, I almost canceled this trip. I honestly considered it but the good people in my life have convinced me that I need it. NEEEEEEEEEEEED. And I do. I’ve been excited about this for MONTHS! See…I’ve never been off the East Coast and I’ve only been as north as Atlantic City, NJ with a day trip to NYC once. I want to TRAVEL…and I have been psyched about going to Boston forEVER.

My trip also happens to coincide with the opening of the sequel to Boondock Saints. The movie that I fell in love with long before it became mainstream. It took them 10 years to make the sequel. I am honestly torn. I’m glad that they are keeping most of the original cast but without the amazing Willem Dafoe, I fear that it will be lacking.

Good thing I can drink my sorrow away if it sucks and walk the streets of BOSTON!

It’s also my first real Halloween…I’ll actually be dressing up and celebrating so I’m psyched! Due to the circumstances mentioned above, I couldn’t afford the time or money to buy/make a costume so I borrowed a 1920’s red flapper dress from a friend, complete with all the accessories. I have yet to decide whether or not I will be wearing a black wig. You will find out from my pix next week.

It’ll also be my first time flying domestically…so that should be interesting.

I’ll be back on Sunday…but I’m sure there will be drunk twittering going on all weekend.

If I travel to where you live and you had me for a whole weekend, what would we do?

What are YOU doing for Halloween?

Where are places I HAVE to visit in Boston? (If I can find the time.)

In other news, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO STEPHANIE!! The best roomie EVER!!

Steph’s on my right.

Also, LiLu is having an awesome Post Secret: TMI Edition contest…Go check out what people have submitted so far and you still have time to submit your own!

18 thoughts on “Dear Boston, Are You Ready For This?

  1. I saw the commercial for Boondock last night!!!!!!!! YAY YAY IT’S FINALLY HERE!

    Thanks for the shout out 😉


  2. Ha, gotta disagree on Boondock Saints! Maybe it was overhyped before I saw it but I was laughing at all the wrong parts.

    Boston can be good fun–I’m partial to the Back Bay area. Should be nice in the fall!
    .-= Brando´s last blog ..Good Grief, Great Pumpkin! =-.


    1. I saw it waaaaaaaay before it became mainstream…It was a cult classic and then it just got overhyped by the wrong people.


  3. If you traveled to where I live, we could go roller skating. And eating (food is my favorite, you know). I could take you to a bars, but I don’t drink so I wouldn’t have any fun. I’s so boring. I like watching movies and playing games. And eating.
    .-= Jaime´s last blog ..lolz@ ‘not all neck’ =-.


    1. OMG, if you came to where me and Jaime live (we live right down the street from each other) We would totally go out to bars and Providence and we would drink our faces off, dance our asses off and we would have fun and we would get Jaime tipsy and it would be fun!

      Did I mention it would be fun?!?!

      Dear lord, I just got so excited just THINKING about it. <3
      .-= Lauren´s last blog ..the rest of the story… =-.


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