Dancing With Myself

Dear PQ,

Hi sunshine, how are you doing?  I know that you’re at work, trying to recover from the long weekend and all but I have to talk to you. Listen honey, we’ve now entered a new decade. I know you hate resolutions and all but you have got to get yourself together. I’m proud of you for moving out…I know that was hard. We all do and you’ve had 6 months to pull yourself together. Yes, you also had a rough summer but take pride in yourself.  You worked your ass off to get a raise and recognition at work.  You are going back to school full time and you finally found the love of your life, even if he’s a serial farter and all.

Your brain is still scattered though. You have got to focus on your goals and ORGANIZE.

Let’s make that the key word for 2010, shall we?

You got a second chance and your grades don’t transfer so kick some ass and get a 4.0 this semester. I know you can do it. You are finally going after your dream and taking journalism classes. Make the most of it.

Speaking of journalism, please write more. Focus. I know you’re ready to publish your book but I know that you also feel like your writing is subpar simply because you haven’t been focusing enough. Stop comparing yourself to others. The only person that you have to compete with is YOU. Remember that.

Start with your blog and your brand. Rewrite your “About”. Take Will‘s advice and challenge yourself.  Write the serious pieces you want to write, even if they don’t get comments. Write for yourself first. Push yourself to get back to the writer you set out to be.

What happened to that pen pal project you started?  Go back to basics. Write letters to your friends you miss. The ones you don’t talk to everyday, the ones you keep track of through Facebook because life gets in the way. I know that you love them just the same but maybe take some more time to keep in touch with them? Even if you can’t get to letters, write them e-mails.  Besides, that’s what you promised your Numbah 2 and you have been letting her down.  Get to it.

Focus on yourself. Focus on what matters and for the love of Starbucks, get back in shape so you don’t hate yourself, OK?

I’ll check in with you in a few months.




Thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday’s blog…and to those who sent me an email (I’ll reply today, promise). This space matters a LOT to me and I’m grateful that instead of pity, I received understanding for my honesty.

Oh and thanks to the awesome Indie Ink for featuring me today…Do you read them? You should. Go ahead…don’t be afraid.

14 thoughts on “Dancing With Myself

  1. Yeah I need to do a bit of this myself… organize, that is!!!

    Happy 2010, mama! Hope it brings nothing but the best for you!


  2. Missed yesterday’s will go back and read. But yes, organization is something that is not working out so hot for me at the moment. Feeling very scattered at work. Can’t pull it all together.

    Maybe today.

    Maybe not.

    We shall see.



  3. Organize……if you figure out how to do that, will you please share in that knowledge?? lol


  4. congrats on the feature! looks like you don’t have to compare yourself to better writers at all, but i can get the same way too. stop comparing yourself to others, and focus on the best you can be! it’s what i try to tell myself all the time.
    .-= floreta´s last blog ..I Know That I Don’t Know =-.


  5. Congrats on going back to school full time and for journalism…you will do great…but don’t let them try to squash your creativity…that was the only issue I found with my minor in journalism…but i have faith that you wont let them! you are a fabulous writer and this will make you beyond that! good luck with it all!

    you put some words of wisdom in there that i myself really need to listen too!

    .-= Dr. Hugandkiss aka Dr. Superboobs´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.


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