*Cue Panic*

“We need to be there by 3:30”
“My flight leaves at 6 a.m. WE NEED TO BE THERE BY 3:30 a.m.”
“Baby, no.”

I am a panicky traveler. In my defense, this will only be my third domestic flight and all of my travel has been international, which DOES require me to get there super early to check in & make it through the loving hands of TSA before hauling ass to the other end of the airport.

Don’t even get me started on layovers.

I start having panic attacks about my flight the week before.

What if I’m late to the airport?

What if I don’t make it through security?


Did I mention I overpack? Because I never know when I’m going to need all that underwear and sweaters and 6 pairs of jeans during a WEEKEND TRIP. I am pretty accident prone so I could potentially ruin 6 pairs of jeans within 48 hours.

It could happen. One day. So I have to be prepared! You know the first time I don’t over-pack, I will have accidents, and have to buy awful awful clothes because naturally, my destination will not have a mall. YOU JUST WATCH.

I also don’t sleep on flights. I used to go through 3 books a flight when I traveled to Turkey. I don’t like surprises and being caught off guard. I could miss my stop, because you know, flights are like metro rides. You sleep through your stop and you’re screwed!

I hate being late. HATE IT. When I was in high school, my digital watch (I was so hip!) was synchronized with the school bell, TO THE SECOND. 10 seconds before the bell rang, I would be ready to leave my desk (If the teacher was finished of course). So you can imagine how this neurosis contributes to my travel habits.

At 5:45 a.m. on Thursday, I will be getting on my flight that will take me down to Atlanta before all the way across the country to Seattle (That’s what happens when you book a flight using SkyMiles. You gotta go down to go up and over). Let’s talk about how I’ve never been on the west coast and I am freaking out because I have this weird fear that the time difference is going to screw me up so bad that I don’t actually make it to Seattle.

The good thing is that this is all worth it because once I do make it to Seattle to spend the weekend with one of my best friends (aka future bridesmaid), IT WILL BE AMAZING. Not just because she’s awesome and I love her but because it is SEATTLE.

And she’s going to take me to the FIRST STARBUCKS. I AM PUMPED. We have an entire day of touristy stuff planned for Friday, an awesome drive & a fantastic party on Saturday. I can’t even explain how excited I am, because I’ll just spew GLITTER ALL OVER THIS BLOG!

What kind of traveler are you?


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25 thoughts on “*Cue Panic*

  1. You are a red-hot maniac. I will agree, I often get twitchy and have to get to the airport early, but not usually 3 hours early. TRY to relax and enjoy it…because Seattle is FABULOUS! If you have time, dinner at Wild Ginger is A MUST! Have fun!!!


  2. I admit, I’m a bit of a neurotic traveler. I like to be at the airport about 2 hours ahead of time and I hate connecting flights for fear of missing them. I like to think I’ve gotten better…but that’s probably not true.

    Have fun!


    1. We missed a connecting flight in Paris and was stuck for 24 hours at the airport one time. I HATE connecting flights.

      Thank you!!


  3. i <3 you πŸ™‚ i am a total overpacker! however, my sister and i are masters at the packing game. our bags never go over the weight limit no matter how much extra shit we need. you're flight will be ok, and you'll have a fabulous time *hugs*


  4. Ha! I’m a pretty relaxed traveler. Or WAS. I totally messed up my mojo on a trip to NYC recently. I was reading, all chill as usual when suddenly the train stopped and I realized it was MY STOP. I almost missed it because I was so into the book.

    I leaped off last minute, congratulating myself for fast reflexes… then suddenly facepalmed as I realized I left my BAG in the overhead compartment.

    There was no way to hop back on and check for HOURS and by then it was gone.

    So yeah, I used to be relaxed but now I am thinking I’mma be Mrs. Checkanddoublecheck.

    Have a great time out west!


  5. hahahaha. ok, this is the conversation i had with the boyfriend back in september when we were flying back from new orleans:

    him: “babe, did you enjoy brunch?”
    me: “yes. that was amazing. [checks phone for time] time to go to the airport.”
    him: [blinks] “um, it’s 1:45.”
    me: “yeah, we’re 20 minutes from the airport, and the flight’s at 4:05. sounds about right.”
    him: “you’re insane. you know that, right?”

    i get twitchy if i don’t get to the airport 2 hours before the flight. he, on the other hand, is an accomplished business traveler who takes the attitude that, meh, if he misses the flight, he’ll just get on the next one. it’s fun, really.


  6. I think you just described the kind of traveler I am to a T. I’m not that great for being on time/early for most everything else, but when it comes to flying I have to be there OMG EXACTLY 2 HOURS EARLY! or else the sky is falling in my mind. Drives the BF batty, as he travels for business all the time so he knows all the ins and outs.

    And early “Welcome!” to Seattle, I know you’ll have a great time here. The 1st Starbucks is fun to see (as well as Pike Place Market), there’s tons of great restaurants & all the touristy stuff (Space Needle, etc.) are nice to see in person. Have fun!


    1. Yeah, I’m already driving the Boy nuts πŸ™‚

      Thank you! Yeah, we got a day pass for sightseeing so I am SO SO EXCITED!! <3


  7. I completely understand about not wanting to be late. I am early for everything. It use to drive me insane when my ex would make us late for things. I would start to hyperventilate and have a panic attack. I’m okay when it comes to traveling, because like you, I plan ahead and over pack and triple check everything.


    1. Yeah, the Boy is late all the time and it drove me ABSOLUTELY NUTS when we were first going out. Now I’ve adjusted a little bit and he’s trying hard too. I do have panic attacks at times if I’m late somewhere.


  8. I am EXACTLY like you – I overpack, I check in the day ahead and usually have to take anti-anxiety medication to make it through take off and landings. I have flown hundreds of times, too.


    1. (Sorry about the late reply!)

      Me too. Half the stuff I took to Seattle didn’t even make it out of my suitcase.


  9. I’m pretty sure I’m the complete opposite of you. I may be too relaxed in my travels. I figure nothing can go so badly that it can’t be fixed somehow. πŸ™‚


  10. I’m a nervous traveller. (I’m also a nervous flier, which doesn’t help.) I always like to be early for flights. I hate the return trip from a holiday as more often than not I am reliant on the transfer coach to the airport turning up at our hotel on time, and it doesn’t always do so. I also had a panic last month when in London for work when we were running late on the way to the airport for our return trip and check-in had closed when we made it to Heathrow. Luckily they let us on anyway, but I was so stressed out and hated the lack of control I had over the situation.


  11. I cannot sleep for the life of me on a plane. No matter how sleepy I get. I’ll start to nod a bit but never actually fall asleep. I just read and read and write. Then of course I remembered Stephen king’s ‘the langoliers’ and how those who were awake disappeared and wish I’d fall asleep just in case.


    1. (Sorry about the late reply!)

      Great. I’d forgotten about the Langoliers. Maybe they’ll come during those few minutes we fall asleep?


  12. I like to be a full 2 to 3 hours early to the airport before my flight. I normally get really bad stress dreams before I fly. But I don’t tend to over pack and once I am at the airport I am fairly relaxed. It took my many flights to and from Australia before I could sleep on the plane and even then everything has to line up perfectly.

    Have so much fun!


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