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I love taking surveys.  As bad as I am about writing reviews, I do enjoy giving feedback on products that I enjoy and products that may interest me but need improvement. (Let’s not even start with the ones that I don’t like).

I also like giving to charity, though I may not always have the financial ability or the time to do as much as I would like to help out to the different causes that are important to me.

So when I discovered Crowdtap, “the first a pay-per-action social marketing and research platform”, I was intrigued.  I immediately signed on and began playing around with the options available to me. Once I realized it was something that I will actively use and would like others to participate, I began spreading the word.

It’s fun & easy to use AND you earn cash for gift cards and charity for your participation. In fact, you earn your first dollar just for signing up. (Sign up now!)

When you first log-on, you see your progress, actions available to you & community activity.

Above that, you have your navigation for ‘Home’, ‘Stats’ (Where you can see your own dashboard, stats & history, as well as any badges you’ve earned), & ‘Redeem’ (Once you reach $10, you may redeem your earnings for a gift card & the charity you choose).

One of my favorite things about Crowdtap is their blog, OnTap, “keeping you up to date on all the latest happenings direct from the team. From new functionality and new perks to how Crowdtappers are making an impact , OnTap will keep you in the know.”

Their blog is informative, engaging and provides you with tips, news & announcements.  For a great start-up like this, I believe that an active and engaging blog is key and the folks at Crowdtap are definitely on top of it!

Currently, Crowdtap is invite only so click this link to go & sign up!  Let me know what you think!

You can also find Crowdtap on Facebook and Twitter.


This is not a sponsored post and I am not affiliated with Crowdtap in any way. 

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