Confession: You Probably Won’t Like Me

There’s one thing you should know about me: You probably won’t like me.

The odds are, when we meet, your first impression of me will be that I’m either obnoxious (because I like to laugh and I get chatty when I’m nervous) or a bitch (because I get shy and quiet when I’m nervous). Once we make it past the first impression, you’ll give me a shot because I am a nice person.

If we meet over social media, you might find me too chatty because I use my networks to pass on information.  If you don’t find me too chatty, you may be offended by my random jokes because I like to laugh. I also like to cheer up the people around me so maybe I’m just trying to brighten up your day.

You probably won’t like me because you’ll think I’m fake.  The thing about me is that I don’t always have a filter so if I have been thinking about you, I’ll send you an email just to let you know that. Just because you crossed my mind. Maybe I read a blog of yours that really stood out to me. Maybe we don’t talk all the time but I’ll still let you know that you touched me in some way. The chances are you’ll find me overly nice and assume that I’m being fake. “No one can be that nice.”

When we become friends, you might not like me because I can be a tad flaky when it comes to replying to e-mails. I let the world overwhelm me and want to be there for everyone so I spread myself too thin and then let everyone down. (I’m working on this, I promise.)

When you read this blog, you might not like me because I do my best to stay positive despite life dragging me on my face at times. You may not like me because I try to see the silver lining.

You might not like me because I’m not the typical girl. My best friends are scattered all over the country so I don’t have the luxury of being able to have a girl’s night on a short notice. I don’t have weekly traditions. I don’t gush over the same things and most of the time, my tolerance for the unnecessary is low. I don’t judge but I can’t participate.  I have tried.  There are days it gets me down and I might be depressed for a day or 7.  You definitely won’t like me then.

I’m pretty sure you don’t like me right now because when I do blog, I tend to get a little wordy.

Once you realize and accept the fact that you probably won’t like me, it’s up to you to stick to it. There are a lot of people who don’t like me, but the ones who do? They’re the ones who deserve my time so if you don’t like me, do us both a favor.

Don’t bother faking and move on. (But if you do like me, have we connected on Facebook yet?)

“You spend so much of your life basing yourself on what you think other people think of you. Then you realize that maybe one of the purposes of life is not to care.” –Dustin Hoffman

11 thoughts on “Confession: You Probably Won’t Like Me

  1. in my honest opinion, if someone doesn’t like “you”, it’s because they do not like some aspect of themselves that you are bringing out. it’s never really about us. thank you for opening up and sharing! <3


  2. Everyone loves me. At the same time, so many don’t. That makes two of us! HIGH FIVE!


  3. I completely love this post. I like the fact that you are self-aware enough to understand how others might perceive you at first, but also comfortable enough with yourself to not want to change a damn thing to meet other people’s expectations upon meeting you. In society, we’re given the message “Be exactly who you are, eff the haters!” …and yet, sometimes who we are can leave a less than desirable impression, which sucks too. But unless it’s a genuine character flaw (which we all have, I’m guilty of spreading myself too thin too!), I say leave it! 😉


    1. Thanks, darling 🙂 I’m too self-aware at times and it can be a horrible self-fulfilling prophecy but I’m working on it, every day.


  4. You can’t win ’em all. Some people just won’t hit it off with you — that’s their loss. Too bad for them!


  5. I’m sure a lot of people think I’m fake, too, because I don’t let the negative get to me. There’s no point in dwelling on the bad because you’ll attract more bad into your life. Stay positive!!


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