Confession: I’m A Little Sad

The title of my blog may be misleading at times. While I do my best to find a reason to smile/laugh every day, I’m not Little Miss Sunshine.

I’m not the kind of person to send my friends care packages full of cutesy stuff.

I’m not the kind of person to be all inspirational, and cheery on a daily basis. My friends know that if they need me, I’m here. I will message to let them know they’re on my mind on a daily basis but when it comes to being upbeat and full of sunshine?

That’s not me.

I try not to be a negative person. I do my best to stay positive, and I try not to fake it. If I’m having an off-day, I pretty much hide from the world and deal with it in my own way.

I’ve been fighting this sadness and bitterness the past couple of months and I try not to have it out in the open because I can’t deal with that unwanted advice, and the “you’re better off than so-and-so” or the “When I went through the same thing, only it was completely not the same, I did this” speeches.

I know people are trying to help, but sometimes, I just need to be sad.

And a little broken.

Maybe a little bitter and cynical.

So that’s where I am right now.

A little sad. A little bitter. A lot cynical.

Maybe I’ll be better tomorrow but for today?

I’ll crawl under my rock and be sad.

12 thoughts on “Confession: I’m A Little Sad

  1. I can totally relate to you on this. I’ve been really sad/disconnected lately too and while I have people to talk to about it, most of the time, I just need some time to myself to deal with it in my own way. Hope everything gets better for you soon – you know I’m here if you need anything!


  2. Sometimes we need what we need, and no one knows what you need more than you.  Do your thing, take your time, and just know that the people who truly care about you will be here when you’re ready to emerge and rejoin us.



  3. I can totally relate – in fact, I’m coming out of a 6 month ‘sad time’ myself. I think life is hard sometimes and overwhelming and it’s healthy to take a step back so you can have the energy to cope. I hope things get better for you soon B. I really do. I may not have met you yet (we really should change that sometime) but I care about you and want the best for you xx


  4. Great post!  I go in and out of feeling sad and weird.  I can’t tell if it’s homesickness or what, but I know exactly what you mean.  Sometimes a girl just needs to be left alone with cookies and re-runs!  It eventually works itself out.


  5. the cure for sadness is to go and help someone at the point of desperation.   

    Guaranteed you and them will feel better.


  6. I also can relate to you. I am never quite sure the exact reason for my sadness only that I am sad so I try to do something that makes me happy.


  7. It’s ok sometimes to be sad, we all have that day, when we just want to be alone, and just be sad.


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