Confession: I Can’t Do It All

I know. You’re shocked.


This realization makes me feel crummy, and weak like a cop-out but the fact is, I’m not that 18 year old that can take 17 credits/semester, work two jobs, commute and manage to get on the Dean’s List. My brain isn’t wired like that anymore. I really thought I could do it.

Two classes. Piece of cake.

Sure, if I leave my business behind.

Right now, at this point in my life, I’m bursting at the seams with ideas for my business, and once I’m done with client work for the day, I have to dive into school work, which leaves me no time at all for writing. Because my brain is tired and I can’t focus like I used to be able to.

It makes me feel weak because there are people out there who are raising kids, going to school AND working. There are college students starting businesses that are thriving. I thought I could do it too but it drives me nuts when I sign into my class discussion and have to regurgitate shit.

I’m over that.

I’m in my 8th year of undergrad. God, it pains me to even write that.

This isn’t to say that I don’t want to learn. I have so much passion for ALL THE THINGS and I love reading non-fiction and nerding out in my free time. Put it in the form of a required discussion and all passion flies out the window.

I’ve never really been the person to stick around and have mind-numbing conversations in class. When I was a senior in high school, I spent most of my time volunteering in administrative offices while my teachers still marked me down as ‘Present’ in class because senioritis had taken over my classmates and I had no patience for stupidity.

I’m not being challenged. At all. I took a grad level class in my second year at GW and was bored because it wasn’t challenging enough. I’m not saying I’m smart. I’m not, at all. I fake it.

I just don’t have patience for small talk. I don’t have patience for beating around the bush.

So, where’s all this going?

Right now, I’m going to finish out the next four weeks in my classes, faking it as best as I can.

Then I’m going to take a break and pour my everything into my business. Because that’s where I am in my life.

I have a list of things I want to do but they require concentration and devotion.

I can’t do it all. Maybe, one day down the line, I’ll be able to go back to being a full-time student, giving it my all.

Because that’s how I do things. I give it my all and lately, I don’t have enough of me to give to two full-time passions.

For now, school will have to take a backseat. By school, I mean the classroom and the grades.

Because I’ll never stop educating myself. 

Kudos to the superstars out there who can do it all.

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12 thoughts on “Confession: I Can’t Do It All

  1. that’s why a lot of business owners take evening-classes or do self-study. Then they don’t have to attend class to listen to long or pointless conversations and they can do all their assignments in their own time and office.



    1. My classes are online so I’m required to reply to three of my classmates every week, and participate in discussions.

      I think I’ll stick to self-study for now. 


  2. Um…I’m in my 8th (and final!) year as well. Well, it’s 7 since I also took a year off because I was burned out. So I understand. It’s just so hard trying to do everything at once and feeling like you are failing at them all.

    Good luck, I know you can do it. On your own schedule and all. 🙂


  3. Sending boatloads of support to ya, sweetie, you’re doing great! I’ve been seeing by your tweets that you’ve got a ton of balls in the air and yet you somehow manage to still be your sweet & funny self, I don’t know how. Hang in there. You’ll get through, and things will just have to wait until there’s time. (I understand the impatience though as I have similar goals/time limits. Damn time, there’s never enough!!)


  4. No one can do it all. And this is the only life we get. Also, we are all different and have different priorities and tolerances  for stress. Ease back into it if you need to and want to take classes. <3 


  5. this kind of honesty is rare and priceless. you sound like a very driven person and i’m sure that whether you choose to devote yourself to work or you choose to devote yourself to school, you will succeed because you put your heart into it. what a great post!


  6. […] ability to stop worrying about money and focus on my school work so this past month, I decided that I would take another break. I’m determined to get my undergraduate degree but I’ve had to prioritize to put my […]


  7. You are right. It is impossible to do everything.Do what you feel you can do and the rest can be done by others.


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