Commercial Break: Organize

We interrupt your regularly scheduled day for a special announcement.

Because I promised a bunch of you that I would share the awesome things I come across, I will start with this:

Are you a foodie that loves finding recipes online but can’t always print them out and your email inbox is just full of links you can’t always get to?

Do you need a new way to keep organized?

Do you just love trying out new organizational things because you’re as OCD as I am?

Do you sometimes wish you could ask your friend about that site they mentioned a few weeks ago but damn it, they just went on that vacation to the end of the world where there is just no cell signal?

Well, meet Springpad.

Springpad is a free web app that gives you many ways to save and access anything you want to remember.
It automatically organizes and enhances the data you’ve stored with useful links and offers to save you time and money.

The “Friends Stuff” tab gives you access to what your friends stored in THEIR pad.

You can even access it on your phone!

What are you waiting for? CHECK IT OUT!

Oh and once you sign up, find me under DCPrincess!

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