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Clearance Sale of a Decade

*peeks out*

Welcome…I assume you’re here for the garage sale? You’ve come to the right place. You’re in for a special treat because you get first dibs before these items go up for sale on Ebay. Are you ready?

(Please excuse the lameness of the pictures…If the items are available from the retailer online, I’ll be providing you with a link so you can see what you’re buying)

First item on the list is a black trench/raincoat from New York & Company. Barely worn, and in amazing shape…It can be yours for only $20! SOLD!!

NY&Co - One size fits all

NY&Co - One size fits all

Next item(s): NY&Co City Stretch Long Sleeve shirt

Size: Small

Condition: Like New

Price: $15/each. $10/each if you buy 2 or more.

I have to sell these because they no longer fit me but they are the best shirts EVER (I’m keeping the ones I have in Medium!)Β  I have them in colors that aren’t even available anymore!

Barely worn...Amazing shirts...$15 each or $20 for 2

Barely worn...Amazing shirts...$15 each or $20 for 2

I absolutely LOVE this blue...So pissed that I cant wear it.

I absolutely LOVE this blue...So pissed that I can't wear it.

Next item: Express Racerback Vest – Grey pinstripe

Size: Small

Price: $25 ($69 originally)

Brand New...Never worn.

Brand New...Never worn.

Item: Gap Black Vest

Size: Small

Price: $20

Brand New

Brand New

Item: Victoria’s Secret Christie Fit Flare Pant in Seasonless Stretch

Size: 8

Color: Red (Perfect for the holiday parties!)

Price: $20

Spot is from the camera...Not on the pants.
Spot is from the camera…Not on the pants.

Item: White House Black Market Polka Dot Skirt

Size: 10

Price: $25

Brand New - Never Worn

Brand New - Never Worn

Item(s): 1969 Gap Jeans


Sexy Boot (Medium Tint Wash)-2L,4L,6L

Always Skinny (Saturated Dark Wash)2 (SOLD),4,6,8

Real Straight – 2,4 (SOLD),6,8

Price: $25 Each — BRAND NEW…NEVER WORN!
I also have a shop on Half.com for textbooks…

Let me know if you’re interested in any of these items…If you’re local, it’ll be a LOT easier…If not, I’m happy to mail these to a very good home!!

Please pass the word on this sale!!!

You guys rock!

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