I decided a long time ago that I wouldn’t post any of my poems on here but I came across this one and I just felt the need to share it. It was the first couple of lines that drew my attention and made me chuckle…so there you go. This is from May 27, 2008


The predictability
Of your stupidity
Amuses endlessly
In a way that grows
With each action
Without even saying
“I’m sorry”
You mess up aimlessly
As if you don’t care
About our moments
You don’t deserve me
Keep this up to get
A “Fuck you”

-Copyright 2010

Photo by: Tara Roberts as featured on Indie Ink

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2 thoughts on “CARELESSLY

  1. well a big FUCK YOU to you then, rightbackatcha – LY !! hahahahahahaah

    you’ll have to excuse my mood…….or not,


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