Capitol Hill Photo Shoot

When a photographer friend asks me if I’d be willing to be a guinea pig for them, the answer will almost always be “Yes.”

So when my girl Rebecca asked me if I’d like some headshots because she wants to create a “Social Media Rockstar” package to offer her customers, I was READY. I needed some new pictures anyway and I suggested that we go to Capitol South for the actual shoot. It was a lovely Saturday and a fellow SMC-DC member, Clement also joined us.

I had a blast shooting with Rebecca, who’s one of my closest friends, and a blast to work with as my photographer.  We giggled a lot, I made ridiculous faces and at the end of the day, I have 5 fabulous pictures to add to my portfolio.  Rebecca is so awesome, she gave me a B&W version for EACH picture.

I know, bad-ass.

Here are three of my favorites and you can find the rest here.

Need new headshots? Have an event coming up? Just want some awesome new pictures?  Be sure to check out Ampersander Studios and tell Rebecca I sent you her way!

Photo shoot 1 B&W

Photo shoot 2

Photo shoot 3

Thanks again Rebecca for my awesome pictures! Can’t wait for 2013 😉

A little humor to boot, one of my friends decided to get a little creative with one of my pictures…

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here…

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