Can’t Live Without It

As I sit here sipping my Starbucks (In a red cup!), I realize that my indulgences have become a lot less in the last few months.  When a girl has all the best things in life, the things that she can’t live without turn into moments over material objects.

That’s not to say I don’t like “things”…I love “things” but let’s face it…I’m starting to get over them.

Money’s been tight over the last few months…especially with two car accidents and trips to the ER.  What good were my material things to me then? What good would they have been if my material thing crushed on top of me instead of being able to walk away from the crashes both times?

Even when money is tight though, there are some things I can’t live without…Only because when I’m working hard and trying to stay afloat, I deserve a good thing or two every now and then.

Well, we all know my love of all things Starbucks…My day doesn’t start off right without it. Why yes, I have tried giving it up but why? Why give up something that isn’t excessive? I’ve cut back on eating out so I’m still saving money.

My music…the times when my iPod was broken and I didn’t have music, I went insane.  My iPod is something that I MUST have…so if it gets broken, I will dip into my savings to buy myself another one…Because without music, there is no life.

Books…*sigh* I haven’t bought books in a while except for the two I bought this past weekend. I know…I could just go to the library, and I do but I love having books. I love the comfort of having my room filled with amazing books.

QT…Quality Time with my besties.  Whether that involves going out for drinks, dinner or just having a cup of coffee…I can’t not have my friends around me.  My life would be incomplete without them.

Laughter…no matter what…no matter what time of day it is…I need my laughter. So yes, I will find my stupid cartoons, and silly jokes that might not be as funny to others…but laughter is essential to who I am.

My laptop…Most of my friends live all around the country…and I’m a social networking junkie…my laptop is also how I watch movies, TV shows and where I write…My laptop is essential to my everyday life…because it enables me to take care of so many things that matter to me…whether it’s keeping in touch with friends, writing out my feelings or harvesting my crops on FarmVille (Don’t judge me.)

The rest?

It can come and go as long as I have my health, my faith, my loved ones and the little guilty indulgences that make everyday that much better.

What can’t YOU live without?

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29 thoughts on “Can’t Live Without It

  1. Air, water, Food…

    joking….I would say just about everything you’ve said….except Starbucks, I really don’t see how most people like that crap…and your laptop….I don’t even look at a computer most times when I am home, too much other stuff to do!!!!

    I WOULD have to add, times outdoors, when I get too couped up, I go insane! and time to myself, I’m not really any kind of social butterfly…time to myself is a necessity for everyone’s sakes! LOL


    1. I forgot about my phone…which is weird considering how much I text my bf.


  2. My puppy. Even though she can be a pain in my butt, I love when she snuggles up next to me at night and stretches her little stick legs into my belly in the morning.

    My phone and internet access – even if I can’t see you guys, I love knowing that I have a way to communicate with everyone almost every day. And, you know, harvest my crops 😀

    Tank tops. I know that sounds stupid, but I wear a tank top under EVERYTHING. As in every single day. I just don’t feel comfortable without one.

    Good pens. I don’t handwrite a lot these days but when I do, I need to have a really good pen to do it – even if it’s just a post it. I decided to do the handwritten blog and it was so much harder because my pen sucked.
    .-= Just A Girl´s last blog ..Super Awkward Dilemma of the Day! =-.


    1. I LOVE good pens too…I collect them…though I hardly ever use them these days.


  3. daily gchat conversations with you, my dear 🙂 seriously. the shit we talk about means more to me than you’ll know. even when we talk about period poops. <3


  4. my guitars. even if they just sit there collecting dust some weeks. i need to know i can grab one when i want to.


  5. church, Gym, Family Friends, computer, books, dvd player, and my car because sometimes I just need to get away.


  6. My iPod, camera, and laptop are the only material possessions that I would be truly heartbroken without. Music and pictures are such a huge part of my day-to-day, and the laptop holds them all together, along with pages and pages of computer journaling. Otherwise? I need sunshine (and time spent reveling in it), my four-leggers, and the ability to laugh at myself. 🙂
    .-= inkpuddle´s last blog ..By request … =-.


  7. It’s nice to think of things for which we’re grateful at a time other than Thanksgiving! I can’t live without: someday to love(ie. the husband); running shoes; a solid home-cooked meal; and indulgent moments of laughter or gossip or joking.
    .-= Convince Me DC´s last blog ..Eat, Bar, Love =-.


  8. Of course there are the things like my boyfriend and my mom and my dog, etc. etc., but a big one that’s more superficial anyway is soda. I need to have at least one Coke a day. I don’t drink coffee or get my caffeine fix otherwise, and some days I spend the whole afternoon thinking about the soda I’ll have with dinner. No matter the diet or the healthy eating, soda is a must have!


  9. I just posted a blog similar to this last week! 🙂 So of course I love the idea. I think it is important to have the little things that make you happy. Even if they are materialistic. The key is not to stop appreciating those things when you have them. Not to take advantage. And it sounds like you don’t. Yay! (I do take advantage too much, but it’s something that I am working on)

    What book is that a picture of? It’s so familiar to me but I can’t place it.
    .-= BigMamaCass´s last blog ..Chocolate Needy Dear So and So Letters of Intent =-.


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