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Bucket List: Cross-Country Road Trip

In 2011, I traveled a lot more than I had before, seeing parts of the U.S. I hadn’t yet seen, and falling in love with travel more and more (minus the part where I got stranded at airports for hours at end).

In 2012, I intend to continue this tradition of travel since I’m now fully location-independent, both work and school wise since UMUC stopped requiring proctored exams (YAY!).

I’m kicking off this year with a trip to Ann Arbor, MI at the end of this month for a birthday weekend of one of my dearest friends. I’ve never been to Michigan so I’m super excited, though I’m not sure if I’ll do a lot of exploring this time around.

At the end of May, I’m going back to NY for a weekend trip (or possibly a week) because I can never get enough of New York. (And then back to NY in August for BlogHer ’12. I’m still looking for a roomie!)

But the biggest trip of this year?

That’ll happen in June/July.  I was planning on taking a cross-country road trip this summer, ending in Seattle for a camping trip with my best friend and her family.  Nicole, who has become one of my best friends in DC (we get a little lost if we don’t see each other once a week), jumped in and said she’d join me.

“Really?”  I asked, because these things get thrown out, plans get made in the middle of mimosa-filled brunches and they never actually happen.

“Really,” she said, whipping out her phone so we could take a look at the calendar and plan when she can take time off from work.

So, I’m 90% sure this is happening. We’re planning on taking the southern route, making a couple of stops in Texas, Cali and everything in between, ending up in Seattle.

So, 2012 will be the year I go on my first cross-country road trip.  It will also likely be the year I drive back to DC by myself since Nicole will have to fly back for work.

This is huge and it couldn’t have happened at a better time in my life. It’s that kind of year when I need to take a step back, get away and really take the time to figure out the direction of my path.

Who knows? Maybe 2013 will be the year I start traveling around the world more.

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  • Jenn February 8, 2012, 12:09 pm

    Y’all are always welcome to stop in ATL, if that’s on your way! And I would totally join you for a NOLA visit if that’s on your itinerary 🙂

    • Berrak February 8, 2012, 12:11 pm

      That would be awesome! I’ve been wanting to visit ATL for years 🙂

  • Elizabeth February 8, 2012, 12:15 pm

    That sounds amazing. The cross country trip is definitely on my bucket list as well. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

    • Berrak February 8, 2012, 12:16 pm

      Yeah, I’m excited. I have to make sure I get an aircard or something because I’m gonna have to work on the road. 
      Also, HI. Can we please do brunch soon? I haven’t seen you in MONTHS.

  • suki February 8, 2012, 1:07 pm

    Did you get a room already, or are you looking for someone to split with? 😀

    • Berrak February 8, 2012, 1:08 pm

      I haven’t gotten a room yet 🙂 

  • Lacey Bean February 8, 2012, 4:18 pm

    It’s totally been on my Life List to drive cross country.  Guess I’ll have to wait a few years until after the baby is no longer… a baby!!

    • Berrak February 8, 2012, 4:31 pm

      Or you could be REAL adventurous and go when the baby is a baby, lol

  • michelle February 10, 2012, 3:36 pm

    super jealous! 🙂 my bestie and i have been talking about a road trip for almost 3 years. it keeps getting pushed back though

    • Berrak February 13, 2012, 1:57 pm

      I’ve been talking about it forevah and finally, I’m just going to do it 🙂 

      • michelle February 13, 2012, 3:05 pm

         i love your gusto 🙂 that’s how i felt about bisc. road trip may not be far behind 🙂

  • Melanie February 12, 2012, 8:59 pm

    SO EXCITED for you. 🙂

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