Bonding Over Scrubbing

My Saturday was spent dancing with two hot chicks as we scrubbed the shit out of our awesome house. Windows were wiped inside and out, floors were scrubbed, banisters were wiped down and the dust bunnies living in the radiators were exterminated. With 5 people and 4 animals living in one house, it can go down the shitter fairly quickly…the ladies and I just went to town and we didn’t even realize how much detail we would go into when cleaning…but shit got done.

To the soundtrack of Alt Nation on XM radio.

On Sunday, C-Pants & I cleared the backyard of weeds & hosed it down. Then the ladies and I went to town in our rooms upstairs, even though we had done the cleaning in the house. My room was already clean, thank god, but I did a once over and did some more cleaning in the bathroom.

Productivity? We haz it.

This weekend made me realize how much I adore these two ladies and how well we work together. We had a rhythm going and at least on my part, there was some major bonding going on. It’s hard for me to feel like a part of a trio sometimes but the conversations we had this weekend made me feel at ease.

This is all a part of the transformation that is going on in my life. My abandonment fears are slowly fading as I’m surrounding myself with people who are good for me as much as I am good for them…and who are understanding and communicative.

I see many many good memories ahead of us with each day that passes with these two amazing ladies in my life…as roommates and as friends.

8 thoughts on “Bonding Over Scrubbing

  1. oh my! 5 people in one house, I don’t know if I can handle that. I’ve never lived with more than one person and I’ve only done that twice.

    That’s awesome that you bonded though and life is going good for you, it makes me happy to read such postive things! 🙂

    And I totally need to clean my house! It’s a mess! 😀


    1. It can get pretty trying sometimes…

      I know. My life has really transformed in the last month or so but it really had a lot to do with me getting in the right mindset 🙂


  2. It’s so important to surround yourself with good friends. Quality, not quantity.

    Also, if you guys need to do some more bonding, feel free to bring your asses to my place. I’ll cook, and provide the dance music!
    .-= shine´s last blog ..Drugs, I haz them. =-.


  3. I’ve been in a cleaning frenzy myself the past few weeks…hunkering down for winter? I found I was really getting into the detail work and viewing it as some kind of meditative process, and “yeah,” music is part of the flow. I guess we’re just happy worker bees, right now.


  4. I’m weird for liking to clean, right? Because this kind of made me want to go scrub down the bathroom.

    But I’m glad you’re feeling comfortable.


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