BitterSweet Revenge

1. the act of revenging; retaliation for injuries or wrongs; vengeance.
2. something done in vengeance.
3. the desire to revenge; vindictiveness.
4. an opportunity to retaliate or gain satisfaction.

We’ve all been there.  Every one of us have been wronged and the thought crossed our mind…Some of us have even acted on it…

It’s everywhere in pop culture. There are countless Lifetime movies that base their entire premise on it.

Revenge. Vengeance. Wanting to wrong the person who wronged you.

The truth is, we are all capable of it.  This is not an argument on whether or not we are inherently good or evil. Even the good person has it in him/her to seek revenge.

Let’s face it.  If you care enough to seek revenge, that means the person was close enough to you to hurt you.  More than likely, they let you in enough to give you ammunition for that cold revenge.  Sometimes all it takes is a word or a sentence and the damage is done.  The pain we cause them feels justified.

“Why should I be the better person? I was hurt…I can hurt them.”

That’s true. You CAN hurt them…It’s never a question of whether or not you can hurt them because even the person with the “You can’t get under my skin” attitude has a weak spot. It’s human nature.

The question is…Should you seek revenge? Will it make you feel better for more than fleeting moment?

Revenge is easy.  I’ve plotted it in my mind for a few people…But when the time comes…I never carry out the plan.  I’m not a good person. I just don’t like to take the easy way out…Because that’s the coward’s way.

Next time you think about revenge…and you feel that it’s justified because you’ve been hurt beyond words…just remember that seeking revenge won’t heal your wounds. If anything, you’ll reopen them if you sink to the level of the person who hurt you in the first place.

What’s your take on revenge? Is it worth it?

What’s your favorite movie that has an underlying theme of vengeance/revenge?

23 thoughts on “BitterSweet Revenge

        1. Haha, fair. I’m not looking for revenge…Actually, this post came to my mind simply because I’ve finally realized that some things are better off left alone…no matter how much damage I could cause to the people who caused me pain.


  1. What’s your take on revenge? Is it worth it? That all depends, on how much I have been wronged….or how much some one I love has been wronged.

    My sister’s ex-husband? I’d send that fucker to hell if she would have ever let me and NOT thought twice about it.

    if someone were to rape me or someone I love or kill someone I love, you bet your sweet ASS that motherfucker’d be dead……D-E-D Dead…..I don’t care if it is moral or right…it is just the way it is

    What’s your favorite movie that has an underlying theme of vengeance/revenge? Death Wish, Billy Jack, Payback, The Italian Job, just about any revenge movie will do. I like to see the bad get their just returns……


    1. If someone were to rape or murder someone you love, that person receiving their punishment isn’t revenge or vengeance – it is due punishment. If a person were to rape or murder, under the rights and laws of mankind that person has given up their rights by infringing upon the rights of another, and therefor their rights and their life is forfeit. So revenge doesn’t apply to things like rape or murder, since they’ve forfeit (either knowingly or unknowingly) their right to live or their protection from the law, unless you add torture to the mix because torture isn’t due punishment. A person who has killed with intent should die, if you want revenge you torture them before they die or they just get their due punishment and not revenge. A person who has raped should be sent to jail for the rest of their life, where they no doubt will be raped in return, but honestly it’s what they deserve so that isn’t revenge.
      .-= Jaime´s last blog ..This Machine Pwns n00bs, VidCon2010, and my Google Reader is definitely working against me =-.


  2. I’m more of a “walk away” kind of person than a revenge kind of person. When someone hurts me, I just want them out of my life. I don’t feel the need to hang onto the hurt and the person just so that I can get back at them.
    .-= M´s last blog ..Randomocity =-.


  3. I have plotted revenge on people before (my ex and her little boy toys were frequent targets), but in the end I decided that the satisfaction wasn’t worth the risks. Somebody else’s revenge in response was something I did not want to deal with….

    If somebody hurt someone I love? If somebody hurt one of my kids? Different ballgame then, guaranteed. There would not be a rock for them to hide under from me, I would go to the end of my days to find them. I have seen footage on the news of child murder trials, and the families of the victim sitting there in court. The criminal would never make it to trial, knowwhutimean?


  4. I’ve found the best revenge is to do nothing at all and just be nice to the person. You don’t have to continue to be close to them, but just act like you don’t care. Besides Karma always seems to bite back when they least expect it any ways.


  5. I wonder if the desire to prove one’s self to others who’ve wronged you in the past falls under the umbrella of revenge? I often find myself indulging in this desire, and sometimes it seems like a quiet form of vengeance. It’s not really meant to directly hurt people; it’s more like you just want them to feel like a fucking idiot when they see how wrong they were about you, your choices, and your abilities. For instance, hardly anyone believed I could take my experience in Las Vegas and turn it into something positive, let alone write an entire book about it. Now, I’m in a position to send my memoir to New York and get it published whenever I’m ready.

    I don’t think the desire for vengeance, quiet or not, is ever healthy because more often than not, it leaves everyone involved feeling shittier than they did before. But I also think it’s inherent in human nature and therefore unavoidable.


    1. I actually wonder the same thing…and I struggle with it daily. Mine is on a lower scale than yours but even just being happy…being in love, living on my own…having friends…minor as these may seem to others, they’re important to me and they’re my accomplishments. There are people who are no longer in my life who doubted I even deserved all of this…so I almost want to rub their faces in it…I hope they still come here once in a while…I hope they wonder and they beat themselves up over hurting me.

      Then I look at my life and realize I can’t waste the happiness with feelings of vanity and vengeance.


  6. Revenge is petty. I always take the higher road, its not worth it. And putting forth any effort into someone who has hurt me just shows that I still care.

    The best revenge is not caring enough to do anything. To be the better person.

    But there are those days where I just want to punch someone in the face, but its not usually a long thoughted out plotting thing, its usually a moment of anger.
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..O Christmas Tree!-Part II =-.


  7. I’ve been there, and I’ve taken the cowardly way of revenge … and five years later, I’m still happy with that decision.

    I guess for some people – such as myself – it’s the intensity of the wrongdoing that either makes or breaks revenge. Sure, I know it wasn’t the nicest thing to do, and truth be told she still has no idea the repercussions were really my fault. But I still hate her more than you can imagine, so I’m not bothered by what I did whatsoever.

    That, of course, isn’t saying I’d do it again. I suppose that I’m capable, but who knows. It’d clearly depend on the situation.
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