Because You Touch Yourself At Night

**You have been warned…This has ‘random’ all over it.**

You want to know what’s better than the perfectly prepared cup of coffee?

The cutest barista ever making it. Two mornings in a row. Oh my yum.

Last night was the season finale of 24. I’m not sure why but I wasn’t all that excited by it. I mean, I love Jack but…yeah. It felt deflated.

I got my grades for the semester yesterday. It was for my grad level class (I’m an undergrad) and it was a C+. What’s crazy is that I put basically no effort into this class. We had 3 major assignments and two presentations but I only did one of the major assignments and breezed through the presentations. I wrote my 15 page term paper in 12 hours, the day it was due, research and all. To get a C+ in a grad level class with barely any effort is a little disconcerting. I want to be CHALLENGED. For my undergrad class, I got a ‘C’…which again…MINIMAL EFFORT. I wrote 8 of the 12 papers due in 24 hours the day before the last day of the class. I hardly went to any of the classes and I breezed by. *sigh* At least I got my credits. Maybe I’ll actually put in effort and get A’s next semester.

There are now 12 days until the big move. They will be 12 long days. I’ve been called basically every horrible by my parents in the last week…including traitor because my dad thinks I should be giving him my savings instead of actually living my life. I think at this point…I’m OK with the ‘selfish bitch of a daughter’ title as long as I get my life back.

I saw STAR TREK!!! this weekend with two of my favorite guys, Tim & Nirmal. I knew those nerds would get along…I had a great time and I LOVED the movie. CAN WE GO AGAIN?!

I also watched Angels & Demons after re-reading the book.

Dear Hollywood,
Please stop ruining books that aren’t meant to be made into movies.


I have started looking for freelance jobs again. I’ll also be putting together an HTML tutorial blog and I am helping a few people redesign their blogs. If you know anyone that is looking for help with their blogs, please do send them my way. I love answering questions and helping people.

So I got my first blog ‘award’ from my lovely Just A Girl AKA FrickinEh on Twitter.

I’m supposed to tell you 7 things that make me awesome…Uh…hmm…If you’ve known me longer than 5 minutes, you know I have a hard time coming up with anything positive about myself. But I guess I’ll try…





I guess it’s pretty awesome that I can breeze by school with minimum effort.

And I have pretty awesome boobs.

I’m from Turkey, which is just awesomeness all around.

I get paid to blog. Basically. But then again, don’t we all?

This picture:

I live (well, officially in 12 days) in DC, which is full of some of the most awesome bloggers so I guess that makes me awesome by default.

I snort when I laugh…which is just…bad-ass.

So…7 bitches I’m supposed to pass this on to…

Wicked — Because she will smack me if I don’t.

Silly Jaime — I love this girl…to the moon. For the past year and half (two years?) she’s become one of my closest friends…she’s adorable and sweet and funny and just all around awesome.

Miss Tricky — A pretty new addition to the PQ world, I love getting to know her…even though I’ve been pretty absent lately from her blogs…I heart her a lot, alot.

Squish — SQUISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all.

Lemmonex — I love talking to her, her blogs are full of yummy and I can’t wait to hang out with her this summer.

Your Ill-Fitting Overcoat — Not only is her blog name awesome…She’s pretty bad-ass. I’m a lurker at her blog…and I comment once in a while but usually, I just admire from afar.

Pumpernickel — She’s funny and smart and a DC girl so of course she’s awesome.

Honorable Mentions:

I would put LiLu but that just goes without saying…she is FABULOUS.

Sassy Ginger because well…she’s a fabulous redhead (I know she already got the award already.)

Cavy…What can I say? I love her blogs and I am so jealous that I didn’t get to spoon with her this past month…but watch out June…I’m planning to go upto NY to visit her. ♥

Wearing Mascara because I heart crepes therefore I heart her.

Well…that is all from me today. We’ll see you tomorrow…same channel, same insanity.

What’s on YOUR mind today?

Oh and my blog title? The answer to ANY AND ALL STUPID QUESTIONS…

48 thoughts on “Because You Touch Yourself At Night

  1. I hate when books that are good are ruined by movies. That’s how I felt about In Her Shoes.


  2. SLEEP in on my mind today!

    Star Trek was AWESOME!! I’m thinking of going back this weekend!!! I went to see it and Wolverine by myself and OMG it was HEAVEN!!! lol


  3. It’s hard to ruin a book that was pretty bad to begin with. Then again, I might be a snob.

    Congrats on the move :), sorry your parents seem like douchebags. 🙁


  4. Last nights 24 finale was so extremely disappointing. This season was good up until the final 4 episodes. I must say though that even the last 4 episodes were better than all of the last season.


  5. You were right, this blog is random and all over the place. Needlessly to say, when I read “And I have pretty awesome boobs.” I realized it couldn’t get anymore random. =)

    Congrats on your first award!

    Also, moving out is the best thing ever.

    phampants’s last blog post..The Spinto Band – Oh Mandy


  6. He thinks I have an obligation to help him take care of his bills instead of moving out.


  7. I watched it online. I am SO glad I did. It was just super lame.


  8. I was being a smart-ass. You know I gave it to you because I wanted to.

    Pfft. Bish.


  9. As much as I love Jack…there were a couple of scenes where it was less than bad-ass.

    And I realize he may come into my office and punch me just for saying that.


  10. Now, I thought Angels and Demons was pretty exciting which is what the book was. I know they changed some stuff, but what was so bad about it?


  11. Oh honey, it was a DISASTER of a movie. The acting was bad, the plotline was awful and it was just a movie that was best left unmade.


  12. You picked me! *dances* I loves you too!

    I’m rather excited about My Sister’s Keeper coming out as a movie, but I’m also more than a little nervous about it. It’s one of my top five favorite books of all time, and I’m afraid it’s going to be ruined. BUT: The preview for it does look amazing. So we’ll see.

    I’ll do my 7 things tomorrow.

    On my mind today is this: Walter. Seeing Walter. Kissing Walter.

    Jaime @ Fast Times’s last blog post..Hallway Shenanigans


  13. I haven’t read that book…

    I hope the movie doesn’t disappoint you!

    You’re thinking about Walter?



  14. Ha ha ha.

    I strongly recommend My Sister’s Keeper. It’s by Jodi Piccoult. It’s SUCH a good book, I can’t praise it enough. One of my favorites EVER. And I read a lot…

    Jaime @ Fast Times’s last blog post..Hallway Shenanigans


  15. Maybe I’ll buy it with the gift card I still have from my birthday 🙂


  16. I thought 24 was pretty awesome although there is the feeling that the writers painted themselves into a corner with Jack’s little toxic problems…however tony Almeida kicked ass and he will probably be back to squint his eyes and mutter things under his breath more, so I’m OK with it…

    Oh, and the new Star Trek movie did rock…cool to see Nimoy in it, although he appeared to be wearing badly fitting dentures…gave him a bit of a “goat teeth” effect… the new Kirk was a little hammy, but them again, Shatner is the biggest ham and upstager in Hollywood…

    Oh, and cool blog…I found this via LiLu…you gals is just crazy! All this talk of ham is making me hungry! Time to make my mashed potato leisure suit a reality!


  17. Welcome to the madness!!

    Yeah…for some reason, Tony had a little more bad-assness than Jack did…HOW DARE THEY?!


  18. Yay I win!

    now for the love of god teach me where to put my google analytics shit in my blog before i tear all my hair out. kthx.

    You are the awesome. The soon to be free awesome. I salute you.

    Miss Tricky’s last blog post..Go somewhere fancy…


  19. I know…I always loved Tony’s character, though…he was always the Hutch to Jack’s Starskey…the Hooch to Jack’s Turner…I thought the scene where Tony was ranting as he was getting ready to cap Alan Wilson was one of the best ever on 24…


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