From the Archives: Bring on the Rain

(I originally wrote this post back in 2009.)

Dear Mother Earth,

I know we forget to appreciate you, a lot. We neglect the beautiful things about you, we forget to take care of you and the fact that we are guests in your home seem to slip our minds a lot. There are a lot of amazing things that you give us…but my favorite?

I love the rain. I love the summer rain. I love the sudden downpour that drenches me to the core and refreshes my soul.

I love listening to the rain beating against my window and even though rain sometimes brings me bad memories, it always leaves me feeling refreshed.

I can feel you crying Mother Earth and I’m sorry that we forget how much we need you.

But please don’t give up on us. And most of all, don’t stop the rain. Oh and keep singing to us with your beautiful thunder.

Because we all need a little cleansing of the soul now and then.


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