An Open Letter to Employers

Today, I have a bone to pick with employers, specifically those who have job openings.

Let’s be clear: I know that you get hundreds and hundreds of resumes for one opening. I get that. I really do.

You have to understand that there are those of us out there who choose your company for a reason.  We believe in your mission. We WANT to work with you and want to give it our all.

We follow your company on LinkedIn, interact with you on Social Media and spend time to craft a personal cover letter because out of tons of jobs out there, we choose you.

Me? I’m a communicator. That’s my passion, so I don’t just apply to every single job opening.  When I apply to a job, I spend time getting to know the company and the position. If the position is perfect but maybe the company environment isn’t right for me, I don’t apply.

When I do apply, I give it my all.

Maybe that’s my downfall. Maybe I shouldn’t put so much thought into it but this isn’t just about a job for me. This is a career. This is me wanting to reach out to more people with a message, with your message and representing you in the best way possible.

I don’t even want a personalized reply. I know that there are lots of other qualified people who apply for the same positions that I do but I’m sure I speak on all of their behalf as well when I say that after all the effort we put in, we deserve an automated confirmation. Just that our efforts reached someone’s inbox, that our e-mail didn’t just get sucked into a wormhole.

My spirit is broken today. Today, you will have one less ‘Unread e-mail’ in your inbox. Today, there will be one less qualified applicant for  your company.  Today, I won’t go through job descriptions, cringing when I see one full of typos and wondering how that person got a job with you but not me. Today, I am giving up.


I’ll be back.

I’ll even overlook that one typo. Maybe.

14 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Employers

  1. i agree that if you don’t get an autoresponse it’s too easy to worry yourself sick over your application not getting through!

    my frist job as a recruiter we didn’t have the technology to do that, our resumes collected in an online database with no way to send a message to any inbound applications. my second job didn’t have an online database, but rather a special inbox in outlook, and we just had an “out-of-office” auto reply. and now in my most sophisticated recruiter job 😉 our applicant tracking software is hella-swanky and has an auto reply with all types of confirmation info so you know your app went in, and to the right place, and who to contact with questions.

    the last thing i will say is that at every job i got over 500 resumes to each posting, and in my most recent i get over 2000 a day so we never ever in a million billion years contact anyone unless we want to interview them. its just not possible to tell everyone who applied but we aren’t interested in that we reviewed their resume but are not interested in moving forward. the silence has to say that for us!



    1. Yeah, I’m not even expecting a “Sorry, but we went with someone else.” Just the confirmation alone would be SO helpful.

      Like we talked about the last time we hung out, I know that recruiters get hundreds of applications for each posting and I can imagine just how overwhelming it is! That’s why the ‘out of office’ autoreply is really, all I would appreciate 🙂


  2. It REALLY bothers me when job postings have typos. I mean, seriously, can’t you re-read to make sure things are spelled correctly, your grammar is above elementary school, and the posting actually makes sense? I guess not.


    1. Me too! I physically cringe. If it’s for a writing position, I’ve actually pointed out the typos in my cover letter…


  3. Ugh, I know right! Most jobs I apply for in Australia do have some kind of confirmation email.

    I just wish there was a bit more of realisation on their part that we, the unemployed, are interviewing them as well.


  4. yeah, that’s just the most frustrating thing on the face of the earth ever. when you know how good you are, but you just can’t get seen? ugh.


  5. I start my job search in March and I’m a little bit terrified and also not looking for the rejection that will follow. I think the worst part is the not knowing! I mean, I know it’s not always possible for companies to let you know they found someone else, but just an automated response would be nice!


    1. I can even handle the rejection. Like I said to Charlotte above, all I need is the confirmation that they RECEIVED my email, not even that they found someone else.

      Just, ya know, a little automated response.

      Good luck!


  6. Q, why not reach out to recruiting firms – like mine – who have direct access to hiring managers an can represent you as a person rather than a piece of paper or email? feel free to email me at to discuss. happy to give guidance/advice.


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