Allow Me to Reintroduce My

I’m still recovering from this weekend in NC but I’m opening up this blog for you guys to ask me ANYTHING and I will answer them in a VLog on Wednesday.

This is basically us keeping VEDA alive and this week’s topic was brought to us by Pham: Reintroduce ourselves through a series of questions brought to us by our readers. I will answer them in video and they can be about ANYTHING. This is also a great way for my readers to delurk so please, if you have any questions, ask me here in the comments! Please have questions in by 5pm EST on Tuesday the 21st. I will answer them on Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “Allow Me to Reintroduce My

  1. If you could be any sandwich, what sandwich would you be?

    Can you juggle? (yes, I’m asking just to see if you will attempt it in the video.)

    Which Barbie doll would you say you identify with the most? Yes, this is working on the false assumption that anyone can identify with a Barbie, but just play along.

    Where do you see yourself in five years time? Who will you be? How will you feel? What will you be eating?


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