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20SB Swap: Childhood Vacations

It’s time for another Blog Swap! Today, Sara from The Books and Looks is sharing her story with us today. You can find me over at her blog with one of my favorite childhood vacation stories later today.



Hi everyone! My name’s Sara and I blog over at The Books and The Looks. The topic of favourite childhood vacation was a tough one for me. My parents were always more interested in spending money on experiences instead of things so I’ve had some truly amazing vacations. One definitely stands out though…

Let me start off by saying I live in Canada and we’ve got some seriously beautiful scenery around here. I couldn’t pick my favourite part of the country because it’s so vast and varied, but the mountainous West Coast has a special place in my heart. My favourite childhood vacation was when my family went on a glass-domed train trip through the Rocky Mountains. It was a two-day trip filled with endless panoramic views of amazing mountains, lakes, and forests.

Our trip ended in Vancouver, one of Canada’s largest and most fun cities. We spent some time touring the city before visiting some family on Vancouver Island. That part of the trip was nice and relaxing, but we had some excitement during our deep sea fishing trip – I caught a sand shark! After getting help reeling it in (I’m not known for my arm strength) and taking some wild photos, we released it back to its home.

I’ve since visited and lived out West but this trip was particularly special. Can’t wait until I get out there again!

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  • Rida July 25, 2012, 10:34 pm

    Woah I’d like to see a photo of that sand shark! Sounds like a truly beautiful vacation =)

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