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48 Hours of Bliss

Although it started out shaky, this weekend was absolutely amazing.  It began with my work holiday party at the District Chophouse.  It was the first time I’ve ever had “+1” at a work function so I was giddy and nervous at the same time.  Of course, the Boy was a hit.  He was the perfect companion…and the party itself was great.  It was definitely a better, more relaxed venue than the Oval Room.  The best part about the Boy being there was the fact that he used his Rain Man skills to win me a jar of candy.

“Baby, come here. Use your rain man skills to guess the number of candy in the jar.”

*looks…without touching, takes out his phone to do a calculation and gives me an answer*


“Are you sure?”


“You know they are assorted M&Ms.”

“What? That changes it then.”


“Hang on.”

*Within 15 SECONDS, he says…*


“Are you…never mind. I’ll put it down.”

Fast forward to after lunch when the winner is announced.

“There were 685 pieces of candy in there and the closest was PQ’s friend, the Boy.”

Yes, I did go around saying “He won it with his rain man skills” to my coworkers.

After the party, we went to Bar Louie with a few of my coworkers where I had a drink, and the Boy reminded me that we need to go to his place to see his mom.  We were going to go to the bloggers HH afterwards but between traffic TO and FROM Tyson’s, and spending an hour talking to his Mom (God, I love that woman), we didn’t get back till 8:40ish and decided to call it a night.

Saturday morning, we slept in a little but after a shower, went out to grab some breakfast…We decided to go to Georgetown and walk around for a bit. It was a pretty day and definitely a great way to start my day with him.  After breakfast, we went back home to watch “Ghosts of Girlfriends’ Past” which ended up being a really cute movie and it was surprisingly good.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing (read: afternoon delight) and getting ready for the night’s festivities. We went by his house for an hour, hung out with is parents (Seriously, I adore the hell out of them) and then we headed to Arlington for a night of party hopping.  First stop was DMBosstone’s birthday party…We got there a little early and hung out…and I played my first game of beer pong! After his party, we headed over to Flip Flop‘s house for the Chrismukkah party which was pretty epic.  I did my first ice luge shot, played more beer pong and then ended up dancing nonstop till…Oh, I don’t know…2 a.m.?* It was crazy and awesome and I have absolutely the most amazing boyfriend because he dealt with my drunk ass till 4 am and then woke up at 9 to drive me home to see my parents because it was super cold and rainy.

By the time I left his car, we had spent 47.5 hours together…straight.  It was pretty damn amazing, considering how tense things have been lately. What’s funny is that I don’t think we took a single picture together…Pretty lame but it’s all good. We have a long long time together to create more memories and take lots of silly pictures.

I did cave and tell him about part 1 of his Christmas present…but it’s OK because he still has NO idea about the other two presents…Christmas is going to be amazing this year.

Been to any holiday parties this year? What was the craziest moment so far?

How are your work holiday functions? Win any prizes?

*I am still insanely sore but it was so worth it.

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  • Cassie December 14, 2009, 12:12 pm

    Muslims are allowed to celebrate Christmas???? that doesn’t make y’all explode or something???? hahahahahah just joking!!1

    I’m glad y’all had a good weekend..

    Been to any holiday parties this year? yes, just this Saturday
    What was the craziest moment so far? no crazy moment, all my friends are old, bunch of geezers…lol

    How are your work holiday functions? no work functions….or there are, I just skip them

    Win any prizes? now, that all depends on what you consider a ‘prize’ 0_o

    • PrincessQ December 14, 2009, 12:20 pm

      Haha, yea well, I don’t ‘celebrate’ Christmas in the traditional sense…but I can give presents to those that do 😉

      Oooh…you naughty woman you!

  • Jaime December 14, 2009, 1:25 pm

    I went to a holiday party a few years ago, for work. It was boring, to say the least. It was the first ever holiday party I’d ever been to, and the last as well. It seems I don’t have the required sum of friends to attend a holiday party. But I’m OK with that.
    .-= Jaime´s last blog ..GRRR, formspring.me, and I might start vlogging =-.

    • PrincessQ December 14, 2009, 2:14 pm

      You should just move to DC 🙂

  • Patrick December 15, 2009, 10:53 pm

    Thanks for making it out- I knew you wouldn’t make it back.
    .-= Patrick´s last blog ..4 Sport Boston: Fantasy Aftermath: Leftover Turkey =-.

    • PrincessQ December 16, 2009, 12:32 pm

      We were gonna come back but uh…I got a little wasted. <3

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