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As SeenOn [Your Favorite Movie]

{I’ll get back to blogging next week but I wanted to tell you guys about this before I forgot}
Sometimes (a lot of the time), when I’m watching TV or a movie, I covet the clothes or the accessories the characters are wearing.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars for a shirt, I always look for deals for similar items.

Now? There’s SeenOn.

You guys always ask me where I get my deals (And I promise THAT blog is coming) but check this out:

From their site:

SeenON! is a members-only private sale site that brings you the brands from the hottest TV shows, movies and celebrities (thanks to our behind the scenes contacts) for a limited amount of time only.

Our goal is to provide our members with exclusive access to the brands they love and build a community of like minded fashion and entertainment enthusiasts.

You’re in luck because I have an invite code! Even better? You can take a quick survey to get your first $10 off! That code is good until September 30,2010 so you have time to use it.

Sign up. Wait for the emails to bring you the deals from your favorite movie/tv set.

Simple? Yes.

So what are you waiting for?!


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