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I LOVE…Fridays: Week 34

I LOVE…when my room is cleaaaaaaaaaaaan.

I LOVE…when I get flowers. Guess who got flowers last night?

I LOVE…date night that includes take-out Chinese and watching Fringe!

I LOVE…eskimo kisses (OK, the Boy told me I had to put this in here)

I LOVE…falling asleep in his arms.

I LOVE…having absolutely ridiculous conversations with my friends about things such as coloring book parties and punching babies in throats. (The convo may or may not be revealed in the next week)


I LOVE…my long-term boyfriend, McLovin

I LOVE…my friends

I LOVE…that I’m feeling excited about my plans again…Gotta get back to writing and doing what makes me happy!

I LOVE…working shit out at work with my boss and feeling confident about work again!

I LOVE…Willem Dafoe and freaky ass movies like this!!

I LOVE…that I finally have someone who gives me a genuine reason to smile and hope.

I LOVE…being in crazy good moods that make me all giddy and dorky and totally random…and sharing that with the world on Twitter:

Why yes, I did use the phrase “Kissy face time” in a sentence today.1:37 PM Sep 23rd
We’re discussing going camping with the roomies and somehow, I’m the virgin for the horror movie plot.11:26 AM Sep 22nd

Just had Doritos and spoonful of Nutella and I’m not even PMSing. I feel sorry for the fool that gets me pregnant & deals with my cravings.7:44 PM Sep 21st

I need to have Miranda rights for my conversations: Anything you say can and will be used in a future blog.4:55 PM Sep 21st

I have no idea what my boss just said on the phone but it def sounded like “Manboobs”1:48 PM Sep 21st

Problem with taking lamb chops to work for lunch: You can’t suck on the bone in front of your boss12:33 PM Sep 21st

Seeing my animals move at the same time…especially the chickens pecking on my Facebook Farm makes me giggle.11:18 AMSep 21st

I LOVE…Gregory House…and coffee…

I LOVE…that it’s fall!!! Yay for sweaters and cute pants and hats!!

I LOVE…Hulu!!

I LOVE…that I get to spend some quality time with Nirmal this weekend!!

What do YOU love today? Whatcha doin this weekend?

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